Nick Jones from Bell Laboratories outlines the benefits of using Contrac Soft Bait, particularly in humid accounts.


What’s the most important factor when selecting a rodent bait? If you answered palatability, then you’d have the popular opinion. But if I were to ask five different pest managers what the most palatable rodent bait is, I wouldn’t be at all surprised to get five different answers. Of course, personal preference plays a part. Brand loyalty, previous experience (good or bad), price, recommendations, and marketing can all influence a response.

The reality is that palatability is relative to the individual and to the environment. The local environment will not only have a bearing on the preferences of the local rodents, but will also affect the palatability of the chosen product over time. This is something that should be taken into account when selecting a product, especially in warm, damp environments where humidity can have a substantial impact on a bait’s palatability and longevity. Mouldy bait is rarely palatable bait.

If you’re finding mouldy baits at an account that’s serviced monthly, there’s no real way of telling whether the bait went mouldy the day before you found them, or the day after you placed them a month earlier. In climates where humidity is a concern, Contrac Soft Bait from Bell Labs truly excels. Its unique formulation doesn’t mould or melt, even in the most extreme temperatures. Meaning professional pest managers can be confident that their bait remains palatable between services.

And with the wetter than average spring and summer forecasts for much of Australia, its resistance to weather can save pest managers money.

Contrac Soft Bait stands out amongst other baits, but it’s not just due to its resistance to heat and humidity. It’s also fantastic to use in cold weather, remaining pliable down to -25°C. And most importantly, the product is irresistible to rats and mice – whatever the weather! Contrac Soft Bait is sure to cover all of your rodent control needs, reach out to your local representative for more information.


Nick Jones, Technical Services Representative, Bell Laboratories

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