Liphatech has released Resolv Soft Bait, a bromadiolone-based product, into the Australian professional pest market. 

Recently launched in Australia, Resolv Soft Bait from Liphatech is making a difference with traditional bromadiolone block users. Liphatech has formulated Resolv to be a bromadiolone bait with increased palatability and attractiveness.

The soft bait was developed to include a mixture of milled grain and vegetable oil and uses the most widely used active ingredient in the global market – bromadiolone – which was discovered by Liphatech. A single-feed anticoagulant, it gives rapid knockdown and is trusted by pest managers in Australia and around the globe.

Resolv Soft Bait

Courtney Hubble from C.H. Pest Solutions in Gunnedah, NSW (main picture, above) used Resolv ‘No wax soft bait’ at a horse stables where there was high activity of both rats and mice.

“I was keen to try Liphatech Resolv Soft Bait over using a bromadiolone block bait,” Mr Hubble explained. “I installed Resolv in some modern horse stables as rats were located in the steel channels running behind the kick sheeting. In trying to control both rats and mice with high competing food sources at the stables, I installed bait stations at five-metre spacings both externally and in and around the feed store.”

As it contains no wax, Resolv Soft Bait maintains its consistency in hot temperatures, and is designed to be highly acceptable to both rodents and mice even in the presence of a competing food source. Some rodents have an aversion to wax and dislike the taste or smell. Resolv Soft Bait attracts rodents and keeps them coming back for more.

Mr Hubble continued, “I carried out the inspection at the stables 48 hours later. I was very happy to see all bait stations showed immediate activity where roughly 60% of the Resolv bait was consumed in each station over this short period. In my experience, Resolv Soft Bait is more palatable and is consumed quicker than bromadiolone block baits. Resolv assists me in providing a quality professional rodent control program.

“With these great results, I highly recommend Liphatech Resolv Soft Bait if you are looking for an innovative and effective bromadiolone bait for all situations and locations.“

Gavin Wilson, Liphatech’s technical and marketing manager for Australia and New Zealand, believes the palatability of the soft bait is key to its performance in the field.

“Rats and mice find the soft bait matrix irresistible,” said Mr Wilson.

“With Resolv performing so effectively, professional pest managers can be con dent in using Resolv Soft Bait over a bromadiolone block for cleanout and ongoing maintenance programs in all types of situations, whether domestic, commercial, industrial, agricultural or mining.

“When bait really needs to work, Resolv Soft Bait with our own active ingredient, bromadiolone, is the bait to choose.”

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