Rodent baits need to be able to withstand rocketing summer temperatures and Liphatech’s soft rodent bait has been shown to stand up to the pressure.

Since its launch in 2013, Liphatech’s soft rodent bait has built a reputation for helping pest managers gain control of rats and mice in the toughest, and hottest, of situations.

Gavin Wilson, Lipatech’s technical and marketing manager for Australia and New Zealand, believes Generation FirstStrike has become a popular rodent bait with pest managers due to its palatability, quick results and its resistance to heat.

Andy Kraus of Creepy Crawly Pest Control recently used FirstStrike with a new client who was experiencing issues with rodents entering his premises located in a local food court, and damaging concealed services within the kitchen area, costing the client thousands of dollars for repairs. Baits that had been previously laid were having no impact on the infestation, so Mr Kraus decided to load the bait stations with Generation FirstStrike Soft Bait, having had success on previous jobs.

“On our next inspection we found most of the bait had been consumed,” Mr Kraus said. “The customer was very pleased. We agreed to establish a routine monthly rodent baiting program to achieve and maintain sufficient knockdown of the rodents and also identified and implemented areas where rodent proofing was required. I highly recommend this product.”

Generation FirstStrike’s resistance to high heat means it won’t melt or crumble and will remain secured inside the bait station.

Mr Wilson said, “Not only do rats and mice find the soft bait matrix irresistible, but its wax-free formulation also withstands extreme hot temperature without melting. Laboratory tests (main picture, above) show Generation FirstStrike withstanding temperatures of 93°C for 16 hours.”

“In the extreme Australian summer, most wax blocks melt inside bait stations. The temperature inside bait stations can rise quite dramatically and often leads to blocks melting or crumbling. This poses some problems to the pest manager: firstly, melted baits are easily dragged outside bait stations increasing the risk to non-target species; secondly, it creates an additional housekeeping issue where more time is required on the next service for the pest manager to clean the bait stations.

“More time spent on the job cleaning up bait stations costs pest control company money. So, if your current bait can’t handle the summer heat, try Generation FirstStrike,” concluded Mr Wilson.

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