Liphatech’s Generation Block, based on the highly effective active ingredient difethialone, has now been on the market for 10 years. It’s success has been based on its performance and small block size…

Launched in 2010, the success of Liphatech’s Generation Block has been due not only because of its highly effective active ingredient difethialone, which was discovered by Liphatech, but also because of its small size – a powerful 15 g block which allows pest managers the option to make more placements with less bait.

“This translates to a more effcient use of bait and savings,” explains Gavin Wilson, technical and marketing manager, Liphatech. “Gaining extra bait placements while maintaining a superior level of rodent control at each site means additional revenue to pest managers. Generation Block is also twice as toxic to mice than bromadiolone, and is highly effective against both mice and rats.”

Andrew Dickinson of Nature Safe Pest Solutions, has been using Generation Block since it was launched. “I’ve been in the pest control industry for 20 years and have tried many rodent baits looking for that silver bullet,” Mr Dickinson said. “In 2010, I tried Liphatech Generation Block and was immediately impressed – the rats and mice just love it. I’ve used Generation Block in many challenging situations and it has never let me down.”

Andrew Dickinson of Nature Safe Pest Solutions installing Generation Block in a lockable bait station

“We were awarded a pest control contract on a commercial outdoor training centre that was surrounded by neighbouring bush and was experiencing a constant rodent issue. A site inspection showed the previous pest control company was using a different bait. We installed Generation Block and more baiting points. After the first weekly inspection we had to increase the inspection and re-baiting program from monthly to weekly as the blocks were being completely consumed. It took around two months to get the site under control; eight years on and we still use Generation Block, maintaining a happy customer and our contract.”

The small block size of Generation Block allows more bait placements with less product

“Generation Block is highly palatable and on commercial contracts the 15 g block saves us money, as we get more bait placements per bucket,” Mr Dickinson explained. “The icing on the cake is that Liphatech rodent control products aren’t sold in hardware or supermarkets stores, only being available to pest management professionals, which give us a commercial edge in the market.”

Liphatech also provides other innovative rodent control products including extruded block and soft bait rodenticides and a range of both rat and mice bait stations. Generation Block is available at Garrards and comes in both 7.5 kg and 1.2 kg buckets.