Selontra Soft Bait and Storm Sift Bait are the latest additions to BASF’s suite of rodenticide products. 

BASF has received registration for its Selontra Soft Bait Rodenticide, a new, highly effective, non-anticoagulant bait based on a naturally occurring active ingredient with a unique mode of action, that sets a new standard in rapid, complete control of rodent populations. It is suitable to use within and around animal houses and along perimeter fence lines.

Selontra is a new state-of-the-art formulation with a range of benefits, including the potential for shorter baiting regimes, high palatability and lower risk of non-target secondary poisoning. Its naturally occurring active ingredient and unique mode of action mean the development of resistance in rodents is considered highly unlikely, with no cases of resistance reported globally to date.

“The combined benefits that Selontra offers will increase efficiencies for farmers and businesses alike, addressing a multitude of baiting issues that have previously made efficient control of rodent populations extremely challenging,” said Dr David Elmouttie, technical specialist for BASF Professional and Specialty Solutions. “The new rodent bait will be a welcome solution for agricultural business and industries to control rodents and their destructive capabilities quickly.”

Each year, rodents destroy approximately 20% of the world’s agricultural products, cause enormous amounts of damage to homes and businesses, and spread more than 200 human pathogens.

Selontra requires as little as two bait applications for complete control, resulting in quicker control of the entire colony. It causes rodents to stop feeding, meaning that each pest will consume the required amount to be effective, leaving the remaining bait for the rest of rodent population. This stop feed action also reduces the likelihood of further damage and contamination caused by hungry rodents, particularly in areas where other appealing food sources are readily available.

BASF, which invests over $2 million per day in crop protection research and development, is also introducing a new soft bait formulation of its single feed, anticoagulant-based rodenticide, Storm, to its extensive pest management offerings.

The new soft bait formulation of Storm makes it an ideal bait for dry environments, and it can be used around domestic, industrial, commercial and agricultural buildings and animal houses. The highly palatable soft bait contains a unique active ingredient and is formulated at the same concentration as Storm Blocks.

BASF is committed to providing innovative solutions for urban and rural pest control. These two new formulations offer pest management professionals and farmers reliable, fast and effective baiting solutions to tackle even the toughest rodent populations and save time, labour and fuel.