Nicky Turner, President of Women in Pest Management, reports on the organisation’s latest activities. 

Nicky Turner WIPM
Nicky Turner, President of WIPM

It is hard to believe we are already into November. In just four months, WIPM have managed to gain over 240 registered individual members, with membership growing rapidly each week. However, registered or not, we represent and support all women in the pest management industry.


Listening to members

The WIPM committee have listened and taken into consideration all your feedback. We have been working closely with a panel of businesses, individual industry people, manufacturers, and distributors for the past four months. The industry is changing, and we are fortunate that more and more conferences, workshops, and networking events are taking place, by various industry bodies and companies, giving us more alternatives.


Events for 2023

All WIPM projects and events have now been locked in for the next twelve months, with details sent out to all sponsors and registered members. Our big events for 2023 will be the National WIPM Big Breakfast and WIPM Leadership Development Workshops which will align with the Termite Professional Conference. The WIPM Recognition Awards will also be announced at the conference dinner on 7th July. The WIPM Committee have been busy focusing on workshops with speakers from the pest management industry that will provide invaluable presentations on leadership and wellbeing. The aim of the workshops is to inspire you, find new, innovative ways of developing and managing people and improve your mental resilience, as well as looking after the mental well being of your employees. More details to follow in the upcoming Summer issue of Professional Pest Manager magazine.


Mental health support

This month I joined other accredited Mental Heath First Aiders on a zoom call for World Mental Health Day. It gave me the opportunity to learn and discuss the current state of mental health in Australia compared to countries such as India and Slovakia.

WIPM have accredited Mental Health First Aiders on the committee who have completed the training course, giving us the practical skills, knowledge and confidence needed to listen, connect, and offer support to those who are experiencing a mental health problem. Our skilled committee members can support people experiencing mental health problems whether it is in our business, family, or friends.

Just a reminder we are here if you need to talk. Conversations are kept strictly confidential.


Proudly a division of IPMA

It has been brought to my attention of some idle talk being dispersed in the pest management industry, nationally and internationally, that WIPM is not legitimately an association. I would like to put these rumours to rest and by clarifying that this hearsay is incorrect. We are pleased to announce that WIPM is in fact a division of the Independent Pest Managers Association (IPMA). Information on (IPMA) has been emailed out to all registered members.

I would like to reassure you that WIPM does not solely rely on me. I am proud to take on the role as President and currently lead the association through this new transition. However, the committee is supported by a group of businesses in our industry who have invested financially and who work very closely with us to ensure that all committee members conform to the (IPMA) constitution and that past errors are not repeated.

All WIPM committee members have taken on an equal role and can step up if required. Rhiannon Brown (WIPM Vice-President) has been working by my side for the past four years with women in pest and is taking on equal responsibilities and leading the current committee.

I look forward to you updating you with what I have been up to in Fiji and Japan (FAOPMA Conference).


Nicky Turner, President, Women in Pest Management

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