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OTEN is a leading supplier of pest control training in NSW. 

“Employing graduates of pest management courses from the Open Training and Education Network (OTEN), TAFE NSW makes good sense,” said Venesser Oakes, head teacher of pest control at OTEN.

“We structure all training so that it is flexible, enabling students to complete their training when it suits them, with little or no disruption to the workplace. Great for students and their employers.”

With changes to NSW pest licensing, it’s important your pest control training organisation is on top of the requirements. With a number of different training providers to chose from, deciding on which facility will provide the best training can be a difficult decision. In NSW, OTEN is one of the leading pest control training providers.

Established, with experienced trainers, it is perhaps the preferred pest control training organisation. With the changing business environment and updates to legislation, OTEN is changing to meet these new demands.

OTEN offer courses in licensing, fumigation, timber pest inspection and the full Certificate III in Pest Management, all of which are nationally recognised. As would be expected, their training provides the skills and knowledge needed to detect the presence of pests and pest damage, to carry out appropriate treatments and to advise clients on pest prevention and control.

By using very experienced trainers who are well-known and well-respected in the pest management industry, students know they are getting the best training from those who have been in the real world and got their hands dirty. “Our courses are developed through extensive consultation between industry and relevant government bodies to consider which qualifications an industry needs (including the relevant level), as well as the course content, both theoretical and practical.”

“Our training programs can be tailored to suit special requirements and particular industry groups, and our ability to take our training on the road allows delivery on an employer’s premises.”

In 2015, the pest management training package has been updated to take into account changes in technology and industry, legislation and education delivery.

The key change NSW pest managers need to be aware of is the change in licensing. From 1st September 2015, NSW pest managers have had their licenses issued by the EPA, not Workcover NSW and the training requirements and qualifications have been changed.

The EPA now requires pest controllers to complete the new qualification in order to supply the licence. It is likely that this will also become the requirement for those renewing their licence. For many this may be simply be a ‘paperwork’ exercise, but some units may require additional training or demonstrated workplace competency.”

The good news for those currently working in the industry is that OTEN will recognise their experience and knowledge and apply it towards updating their qualification.

“We are able to assist holders of existing licences to update their qualifications so that they comply with any training changes. It is a very simple process. OTEN provides any gap training necessary to ensure that knowledge or competency shortfalls are fulfilled without any need to go over already learned material. This allows us to issue the new qualification at both a very reasonable cost and within a short time frame.”

With the renewal licensing requirements still a little unclear, NSW pest managers should start making enquiries about what is required at least three months prior to their license expiring, to make sure their license remains current.

For pest managers in other states, contact your state licensing authorities or training organisations to check on any changes to their qualification and licensing requirements.

For further information, contact the Pest Management Teaching Section at OTEN at Alternatively, visit the OTEN website.