An update to the label of Ultrathor termiticide means pest managers can now secure homes against a range of outdoor insects as well as termites. 

Ensystex are pleased to announce that following the addition of a number of outdoor insect pests to the Ultrathor label, their best-selling termiticide has become Ultrathor Water-based Termiticide and Insecticide.

“Ultrathor is now fully approved for use in domestic and commercial situations by the APVMA for the control of subterranean termites,
ants, earwigs, millipedes and house crickets. Indeed, when commenting on the Ensystex trial data, the APVMA reviewer noted that, ‘The trial data provided were robust enough to demonstrate convincingly that Ultrathor would provide consistent control of ants, millipedes, earwigs and crickets under the broad label situations it is registered for, when used as directed,” commented Steve Broadbent, Ensystex regional director.

“This will broaden the appeal for Ultrathor and enhance our position as the leading supplier of fipronil based products in the urban market, with more such urban registrations than any other company. Moreover, Ensystex’s technical grade fipronil remains uniquely protected by ten different patents.

“Our commitment to Ultrathor and its high-performance formulation is perhaps best exemplified by our continuing to offer the comprehensive UltraSure $100,000 Termite Performance Warranty, which guarantees eight years of protection to our clients.

Simon Pennisi from Hornet Pest Management on the Gold Coast is certainly one to point to the benefits of Ultrathor compared to other fipronil-based termiticides. “We find Ultrathor mixes much better than other products and, since moving to Ensystex-branded products, we have found our call-backs have been eliminated,” said Mr Pennisi.

Simon Pennisi, Hornet Pest Management

“The UltraSure Warranty has provided a very powerful additional sales tool, to ensure we can ‘secure the sale’ in competitive quote situations too. When it comes to termite management, we need to be certain of the performance of our termiticides. Ensystex uniquely guarantees that certainty and backs it up with a highly qualified technical support team. I also know that Ensystex continues to monitor a range of field trials for termite performance to ensure the high performance of Ultrathor.

“So, with Ultrathor now approved to control a range of nuisance insect pests around homes and commercial buildings, it makes even more sense to make this my primary termiticide and insecticide,” said Mr Pennisi.

“Ultrathor is available in a 3L jerry can, and in our unique 1L Tip ‘N’ Measure bottle, to provide maximum flexibility for your pest control needs,” concluded Mr Broadbent.