Bayer’s online training platform offers pest managers the chance to upskill and improve their knowledge of the trade – all for free.

Now in its fifth year, the Bayer Amplify program offers a range of tools and resources to help pest control technicians refine their skills and knowledge. The program offers:

  • More than 25 free short learning courses with ‘how-to’ videos.
  • Useful tips and ideas from industry experts.
  • A range of professionally designed marketing tools, all at no cost, customisable with pest company’s logos and contact details.

More than 600 pest control companies have taken advantage of the free registration to gain access to these exclusive resources, not only to make their job easier and keep their customers happy, but also to help in growing and promoting their business.

“Bayer Amplify offers practical advice and resources to help pest control companies grow and promote their businesses,” said Daryle Swarz, sales and market manager, Pest Management.

Learn from the experts online

Research has shown that the main challenge for smaller companies is training. Often it is too time consuming and costly to complete. Bayer Amplify provides an easy and free solution to training and Australian pest companies are taking advantage of this.

Bayer industry experts put the courses together, on topics including: ant identification, best practice in cockroach, ant and spider control, commercial pest control, termite bait installation and product application. All courses are delivered online.

Professionally designed marketing tools

Bayer Amplify is perfect for small pest control companies seeking a new way to grow their business. These companies often do not have the funds or means to access the marketing skills available to large manufacturers.

This program offers Bayer customers a range of professionally designed, customisable marketing materials, covering information on general pest, termite and rodent control services, spider identification charts and much more.

“With Bayer Amplify, members have easy access at the click of a button to their own print-ready artwork, helping in promoting their business,” said Mr Swarz.

Grow with the business development program

Launched last year, the Business Development program was quickly adopted by many companies, helping them to gain marketing traction.

“We conducted website analysis, mystery shops and created marketing packs for companies who registered. This resulted in many companies making changes to their website and business, allowing them to more effectively turn website traffic and calls into customers,” says Mr Swarz.

In 2017, the Business Development program, available to Bayer Amplify members, offers a series of free workshops to members who sign up. These workshops include:

  1. How to create your own one-page marketing plan on winning customers to develop and grow your business
  2. The ‘what, why and how’ on web content to capture customers from your website
  3. Get social: how to use social media to increase awareness of your services.

The workshops are down-to-earth and practical, with no prior marketing knowledge necessary. Bayer helps even the most non-tech-savvy pest controllers tailor a plan of what they need to be doing now, and how.

These three workshops are equal in value to $7500 worth of expert advice and knowledge, available to Bayer Amplify members for free.

Visit the Bayer Amplify website and register for free to gain immediate access to these exclusive tools and resources.

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