The Camilleri reticulation system protects against termite ingress using a simple yet robust design. 

When thinking of termite management options for your clients, you can’t go past the Camilleri system. The first of its kind in Australia, the Camilleri Underslab Injection Reticulation System has been providing homeowners with peace of mind against termite attack for over thirty years. There are plenty of imitations on the market, but the Camilleri System is the only one to incorporate robust polyethylene distribution pipe and fittings that will last the test of time.

Branded with its own tan coloured stripe, the Codemark-approved Camilleri System is unique and offers what no other system can – long-term proven performance.

The success of the system lies in its simple yet robust design. Unlike garden hose varieties of pipe, which may deteriorate or become brittle and break, Camilleri distribution pipe is flexible and strong. Specifically designed for its purpose, it is unaffected by ground movement and will easily withstand high-pressure applications.

Easy to install and maintain, once installed, termiticide is easily pumped through the system at rapid pressures and can be done so year after year, ensuring ongoing protection. Any chemical approved for use in reticulation systems by the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) may be used in the Camilleri Underslab Injection System (CUSIS).

A permanent structure needs a permanent termite control system. With its 100% success rate, ease of installation, cost efficiency, and proven performance record, why choose anything else?

Existing structures

Perimeter installations may be installed during or after construction of a building. A trench is dug down to the top of the footings and then Camilleri distribution pipe laid around the full perimeter. This will protect the structure from termite entry around the perimeter of the building. Once connected to the charge up point in a CUSIS Valve Box, termiticide can easily be pumped around the structure year after year.

New Structures

Full underslab installation. Distribution pipes are laid methodically to cover the entire sand bed and are fed back to a CUSIS Valve Box where termiticide can easily be pumped accurately under the slab for the life of the structure. Homeowners can sleep easy knowing the system is working for them year in year out, for the life of their dwelling.

The Camilleri system is also approved for use around service penetrations and to protect posts and poles in the ground from termite attack. It is also ideal for road furniture and stockyards.

Contact Camilleri for further information on the system or to enquire about becoming an accredited installer.

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