A look at TERM-seal’s range of termite proofing solutions for pre-construction jobs. 

TERM-seal is an established manufacturer and distributor of leading edge, science-based applied technology in the field of pest management. TERM-seal is an Australian owned and family operated company, developing and manufacturing termite-proofing products for Australian conditions.

The company provides asset protection at the pre-construction stage for homeowners and commercial property developers through a network of distributors and pest control companies nationwide.

Termite proofing is mandatory in the building and construction industry under the Building Code of Australia and is carried out during the pre- construction stage of a project. Tasmania is exempt from the Code.

The range and versatility of TERM-seal’s products have a distinct and significant advantage over rival offerings to prospective customers because they provide an integrated solution to accommodate every construction job. By comparison, all TERM-seal’s competitors essentially offer one product to fit all applications.

TERM-seal Ura-Fen Active is a triple layer sheet barrier used to form a continuous waterproof and termite resistant barrier around the cavity perimeter and construction joints of new slab-on-ground structures

This approach is restrictive and results in poorly adapted barriers that offer negligible efficacy. TERM-seal’s second aim is to provide products that are safe for the public and workers alike with no residue sensibility. In this latter regard TERM-seal is unrivalled where efficacy is concerned.

The expertise and experience applied by TERM-seal’s own insect ecologist and industrial chemist over more than three decades is unmatched in Australia’s commercial pest management arena, a fact clearly reflected in TERM-seal’s superior product range. TERM-seal has an enviable and well-proven track record in the development and manufacturing processes of its cutting edge technologies since 1997.

Phil Hannay and Dr Roger Franklin started working together on novel systems for termite-proofing new and existing structures in 1997, eighteen months after the use of organochlorine pesticides was banned in Australia. This pure and applied science was pursued when the regulations were changed to allow concrete pads or rafts to be laid as foundations for most residential dwellings and commercial buildings. Since then, concrete pads have been used routinely to form part of the barrier to prevent termite entry. The end result is a series of products that are ecologically sound and work well.

The ultimate goal of this pure and applied research was to devise a proprietary product range that would provide cost-effective, easy to install alternatives to existing methods of termite protection. TERM-seal have achieved this objective, and the appropriate regulatory authorities have acknowledged their innovative, science-based, ground-breaking work.

The range of available products:

  • TERM-seal Multi-Purpose Active – A waterproof coating with multiple uses for joints in concrete and masonry, masonry walls and as a coating on timber. The active constituent is bifenthrin
  • TERM-seal Sealant Active – A waterproof and termite proof sealant for use on concrete and masonry. The active constituent is bifenthrin (shown being applied in the main image, above)
  • TERM-seal Cord and Capping Strips – Used to cap masonry, as ant capping and perimeter barriers. The active constituent is bifenthrin
  • TERM-seal Ura-Fen Active – A polymer and armoured plastic sheet barrier for use as a full under- slab termite and damp-coarse barrier or as a perimeter barrier for buildings. The active constituent is bifenthrin
  • TERM-seal Ura-Fen Major – A closed cell foam system for use as a perimeter system for filling gaps, cracks and fissures. The active constituent is bifenthrin
  • TERM-seal Ura-Fen Adhesive – Used to join plastic sheet barriers together or on concrete and masonry. The active constituent is bifenthrin
  • Demise Termite Detection and Elimination System – A termite baiting system with an activity accelerator and specially formulated active constituent. The active constituent is chlorfluazuron.

TERM-seal’s installer companies are highly regarded by the public and building industry. TERM-seal support is second to none when assistance, training and technical support is required.

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