John Ralph of Sherwood Chemicals Australasia explains why its range of termiticide solutions has pest managers covered for all situations.

Sherwood Chemicals has developed and trialled the largest portfolio of termiticide formulations in the world. Over the last 21 years Sherwood has incorporated every significant off-patent active ingredient into its proprietary formulation chemistry. Each formulation has been independently tested in field trials in tropical Thailand, widely accepted as amongst the toughest conditions in the world. This comparative information has allowed Sherwood chemicals to form an unbiased opinion as to the suitability of each product as a termiticide.

Example of field trial data assessed by the Royal Forestry Department of Thailand in accordance with the Modified Ground Board (MGB) test method. (Slab on ground)

As Sherwood specialises in formulation chemistry, as opposed to the development of new active ingredients, we do not have a bias toward a particular active ingredient – we manufacture them all. This is what makes Sherwood unique, in that regardless of the active ingredient you choose, our role is to provide pest managers with a variety of products, with different properties, to enable professionals to select the right termiticide for their particular situation. We also take into account environmental conditions and performance expectations to provide cost-effective termite management solutions for their customers.

Sherwood Chemicals supplies four liquid termiticide formulations based on three actives to the Australian market:

  • Imiforce 200SC (imidacloprid)
  • Biforce 100 and Biforce 200 (bifenthrin)
  • Fipforce Aqua (fipronil).

All three active ingredients have a place in post-construction termite management.

Biforce is a cost-effective termiticide that works by repelling and killing termites from the protected zone and is best applied on new buildings or buildings that have not had termites. In field trials completed by the Royal Forestry Department in tropical Thailand, Biforce has shown to be effective for at least five years at 0.1% application concentration. After five years in tropical conditions, the risk of termite damage increases as the bifenthrin breaks down. In Australia, south of the Tropic of Capricorn, the duration or protection is likely to be longer – up to ten years.

Imiforce is a cost-effective, non-repellent, problem-solving termiticide. Its slow knockdown suits situations where buildings either have termites or have had termites. It has great mobility in the soil, which is great for an even application especially in difficult soil conditions, but it does mean a shorter period of protection in areas of high rainfall, particularly the tropics. The field trials in tropical Thailand have shown Imiforce to be effective for at least three years at 0.05% application concentration. In Australia, Imiforce provides two years protection north of the Tropic of Capricorn (one year for Mastotermes) and five years south of the Tropic of Capricorn.

Fipforce Aqua utilises fipronil, Australia’s premium active for termite work, and is ideal for both pre-construction and post construction situations. Its unique properties make it highly stable in the ground and highly effective at low doses. Independent termite field trials in tropical Thailand completed by the Royal Forestry Department are currently showing Fipforce has passed seven years without a single failure at any dose.

As with all products, application is the most important part of a successful treatment. Relying on fipronil as the ‘silver bullet’ without ensuring a complete and correct application will lead to failures at some point. Technician training is critical in achieving success.

Of course in some situations liquid soil treatments may not be appropriate. In such cases, the Termatrix Termite Baiting System provides a great alternative termite management system.

As a formulator, Sherwood Chemicals’ goal is to supply and support the highest quality formulations at the lowest cost to Australian professionals. We work closely with our partners and the industry in listening and understanding what pest managers want.

Sherwood Chemicals has some great new products in the pipeline and we will continue to push the envelope in supporting the industry with convenient to use products.

John Ralph, General Manager, Sherwood Chemicals Australasia

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