Digital technology is changing the way we all work, with the apps on our phone providing fast and accurate information on the job.

There is no denying that advances in digital technology are changing the way we all work and access information. Traditionally, pest managers would receive information on labels or in brochures or magazines; today there is more and more digital content available online.

The digital revolution has enabled pest managers to access up to date information, wherever and whenever they need it. Even better, the growth of social media has given pest managers the means to share their professional knowledge to improve industry standards through collaboration.

We are also starting to see the emergence of apps specifically for designed for pest managers. Such apps are still in their infancy, but have the potential to be powerful tools that can enable the pest managers to record treatment data, calculate dosages and access technical information.

An example is the AltrisetAssist app, which pest managers can use to estimate how much termiticide and water is required based on the treatment being undertaken. The pest manager can enter parameters such as treatment dimensions, application type and even soil type to provide an accurate estimation of Altriset termiticide and water volume requirements.

Altriset Assist app
The Altriset Assist app is available for download now

Knowing that smartphones have become an indispensable tool for most people – and pest managers are no exception – it made sense for Syngenta to invest in an app like AltrisetAssist. Not only does it provide help with termite treatments, it also provides all the labels and SDS info for the Syngenta range of pest products at the touch of a screen. The Altriset Assist App is available for Android and iOS phones.

Syngenta has also undertaken a significant update to its website to ensure it is fully mobile responsive. This means when pest managers access the website on their mobile phones, it is a much better user experience.

We at Syngenta are committed to embracing digital technology and during 2018 we will continue to provide useful tools for pest managers such as brief, informative videos on application and inspection best practices that can be easily viewed on mobile phones.


Dale Hudson, Business Manager, Syngenta Professional Pest Management

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