Belinda Smith, CEO of Rapid Solutions, announces a significant new hire in the form of the company’s new claims manager, Basil Taylor. 

For over a quarter of a century, Rapid Solutions has been providing peace of mind in the pest and building sectors. For our customers, that’s knowing as industry practices and standards evolve, when it comes to a claim, education or training, Rapid has got their back.

Our new claims manager, Basil Taylor, has been working in the insurance sector for every one of those 25 years — he’s watched it diversify and grow. A Senior Associate Member of ANZIIF and member of the Australasian Institute of Chartered Loss Adjusters, Mr Taylor’s appointment strengthens the team’s experience and expertise as it continues striving to provide customers with fast, easy and simple insurance solutions.

Mr Taylor has seen many changes to the sector over the years, but says the biggest change by far has been the way people interact in everyday life, with online communication and on-demand service now the norm.

“The way insurers interact with customers has also changed,” said Mr Taylor. “Long gone are the days where customers were happy to sit around waiting for snail mail – more and more clients are preferring to do things online.”

“Insurtech has allowed for effective interaction between insurers and customers. As a company, Rapid has evolved with the needs of its clients and demands of the wider industry. We are constantly reviewing how we can best utilise technology to improve our services and provide our customers with value adds such as our Report Writing products and training programs. However, finding the balance between technological advances and maintaining the customer relationship experience, is what sets us apart from our competitors,” said Mr Taylor.

Mr Taylor’s role is diverse and includes a focus this year, on using data from claims, technical and training, as well as industry forums, to develop risk mitigation tools for our customers to ensure knowledge and experience is shared to achieve industry best practice.

“A typical day in claims has changed significantly to when I first started in the sector, however timely communication and a focus on being responsive remains the key,” said Mr Taylor.

“I can honestly say I have loved every minute of my time with Rapid Solutions. Each day brings different challenges and after almost 25 years in the insurance industry, I am still learning new things each day and I find that exciting. Above all, the people at Rapid are what make the difference. We all work as one team with a shared vision to be the nimble, niche liability insurer no one can catch. In claims, that means we’re obsessed with settling claims as efficiently and effectively as possible, getting the best outcome for our customers. And that’s what makes it a great place to work.”

It’s my pleasure to welcome Mr Taylor to the team.

Belinda Smith, Chief Executive Officer, Rapid Solutions

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