For more than 20 years, Murray Pest Control has looked to Rapid Solutions to fulfil its training and insurance needs. 

Business managers will tell you that the connections they develop with other companies in their network are paramount to their ongoing success. Like all relationships, if the participants are mismatched, the partnership is unlikely to last and may even prove costly. If however, a long-term lasting association is possible, the results can be invaluable.

Murray Pest Control was established by Peter Scott Snr in Adelaide in 1959 and has since expanded throughout South Australia and the Northern Territory. The company has grown to become an industry leader both in terms of technical expertise and quality of service with Peter Snr as managing director and sons Trevor, Peter and Gary holding senior roles (pictured above).

Managing a successful pest control business can of course be difficult. Peter Snr sees the main challenges as being, “Employing staff that complement our unique business culture. Ensuring all our staff have a good understanding of OH&S and adhere to our policies and procedures.”

The aim at Murray Pest Control is not only to meet client expectations, but also to exceed them.

Since 1992, Rapid Solutions has supported Murray Pest Control through insurance, training and technical support. Gary Scott, training officer says, “Managing a company in one of the most high-risk industries is no easy task, but having a professional specialised company that is actively involved in our industry is a very important part of running our business on a day-to-day basis. Right through from the documents we use, help with any potential client claims and most importantly our training needs.”

The reason this relationship has lasted for over 20 years is that whether it’s for technical, insurance or training needs, Rapid Solutions has always given Murray Pest Control access to professional, honest and realistic advice, which has helped them to grow and protect the company. They are rightly proud that they have been around for well over 50 years.

Gary Scott recommends being insured with Rapid Solutions as, “You always have access to professional, specialised advice which is targeted to our unique industry. Rapid Solutions is only a call away to help us with any questions to ensure we meet and surpass our clients’ needs and industry standards.”

It is now more imperative than ever that pest control technicians receive quality training that enables them not only to earn a certificate, but equips them with the knowledge and skills necessary to deal with the real life situations they will encounter on the job.

As a result Gary Scott would also recommend training with Rapid Solutions as, “Organising training, particularly when it comes to pest management licensing qualifications, has not always been an easy task, but with Rapid Solutions the process becomes much easier. Since the introduction of their online training, this has streamlined our training schedule even more. Once we register our technicians, they have all their modules there ready to complete.

“Managing well over 40 technicians is no easy task, but Rapid Solutions gives us the ability to manage and train our staff and help them to become exceptional technicians, which are not always easy to find!”

Gary Scott has found the Rapid Solutions team to be very helpful and says, “As I mainly look after training, Keith,Garry, Peter and Steve come to mind, but Nathan and the insurance team have always been equally helpful. Nothing is ever too much trouble for the Rapid Solutions team. It’s nice to know you have industry people looking after your best interest.”

It is an unfortunate truth that not all pest control companies operating today will survive for the length of time that Murray Pest Control has. If you intend to make your company one that does, a quality connection with Rapid Solutions is an excellent starting point.

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