AEPMA president Vasili Tsoutouras is looking forward to the FAOPMA conference 2016, and invites pest managers to join him there. 

It is with excitement that I write this report, as the FAOPMA Conference is only around the corner – a time where we will learn, discuss, make new friendships and continue the old.

Ever since the first AEPMA Conference I went to, back in Melbourne, I always find myself getting excited about the two to three days I will be spending with my fellow ‘pesties’, just like I did when the Royal Show came around as a kid. This conference is no different, minus the chocolate-filled show bags!

I have said many times before, our industry is all about people and the relationships we have with each other, and the community. The relationships I have built over the years by being at our conferences have had a significant impact on me as an individual and my business. I have meet people that I now consider life-long friends; gained respect for people I might not have, if I hadn’t met them in the trade show with a beer in one hand, learning more about them; and learned tricks of the trade from others, that more than likely wouldn’t have shared that information with me if I bumped into them on the street.

FAOPMA Conferences are that extra bit special, as they expose us to international delegates and exhibitors, which broaden our horizons. Being active within FAOPMA circles over the last four years, I have made many international friends. Some of these friendships have opened up opportunities and provided me with knowledge I would have never known existed, without the relationships provided by our association in our region.

From the presenters, to the exhibition hall and the social functions, I am sure that this conference will be the most successful conference ever held in our country, in our industry.

On behalf of the national board and office, we truly hope to see you at the conference.

As always, I look forward to reporting our progress in the next issue on all things happening at AEPMA.

Until next time, I wish you all the best and trust all is going well within your business.

Vasili Tsoutouras,
AEPMA President

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