AEPMA national president, David Gay, reports on the latest happenings in the industry. 

By now most pest managers will be busy with the increase in general enquiries from consumers and established existing clients.

At national office we are monitoring the trends from consumer enquiries and have generally observed an increase in all areas, from questions relating to termite treatments, to an increasing number of enquiries relating to commercial pest management. However, the majority of the enquiries that initially start with questions of a technical nature are really about looking for a referral or recommendation for a reputable and appropriately skilled company in their area.

As I have discussed in the past, these consumer enquiries and direct contact allows AEPMA to gather an insight into how Australian consumers of pest management services are searching. We also gain insight into what their concerns are, how they perceive the current service offerings, and the professionalism of the pest management industry.

The information or picture we receive helps us to develop and guide our strategy to move the industry progressively forward.

AEPMA membership is an important element to all Australian pest management businesses. Many businesses can directly measure the net return on their membership fees from business referrals, fleet discounts or an incident of assistance from the AEPMA national office or members.

A few businesses or individuals are sometimes ignorant of the value AEPMA provides their businesses and ultimately their livelihoods. They never know about the quality leads or work they don’t get because they are not a member, or the tender they won’t win because it is non-complying.

There are thousands of hours spent each year by volunteer members negotiating and collaborating with our industry regulators to ensure the correct balance of sensible, workable regulation.

As a body, that is greater than any one company can do to lift, guide and maintain professional standards. This can only be made possible because of the existence of AEPMA.

I suspect that the way consumers and commercial clients see the difference between members and non-members is “What did they do wrong to not be allowed membership into AEPMA?”

For those of us that are members and understand the ‘value’ of membership, both measurable and non- measurable, I encourage you all to review and update your membership – log on to the website and check your profile – and if needed, update your service areas, postcodes and services offered. We know this alone will more than cover the cost of your membership renewal, and by doing so you are ensuring your industry’s future. You never know what or who the next phone call or enquiry will be, and that’s what keeps it exciting!

David GayNational President, AEPMA