With a little help from some industry suppliers, pest manager Robert Mason helps give back to those in need. 

Sometimes we forget that we live in the ‘lucky’ country and when our businesses are doing well, it really is the opportunity to give a bit back to the community and to others less fortunate than ourselves, around the world.

Back in 2011-12, Precise Pest Control and Teddy Termite in southeast Queensland started a small charity program with the help of Sundew Solutions. Their work targeted helping children in poverty, as part of the Compassion Project charity. For the 2016 effort, Robert Mason, owner of Precise Pest Control, wanted to expand the industry involvement.

Robert Mason, Precise Pest Control

“We wanted our 2016 effort to be bigger and better, by getting more companies involved. In addition to Sundew Solutions, Ensystex Australasia, Bayer and Garrards all came onboard,” said Mr Mason. “With my wife’s family coming from the Philippines we decided to support Balud Elementary School, San Fernando in Cebu as the benefactor of the supplies we had gathered.

“On January 6, 2016 we arrived in Cebu to deliver the gifts to the school.

The school was desperately short of supplies. We combined with Sundew solutions to give each classroom storybooks and a range of school materials. Ensystex ensured the teachers and children all received a pen and hat, with additional teaching aids provided by Garrards and Bayer.

“Malnourishment is a common result of poverty. The school (main picture above) had identified 45 children who was classified as malnourished – their parents were very poor and they were lucky to get one meal a day. Each of these at risk children was supplied with a complete meal and drink.

“Of course, with such poverty, children often don’t get the chance just to be a kid, like the children in Australia, so we also provided them with some lollies and a toy bug. We also had enough of these to give out ‘extras’ to the children in the surrounding area.

“We would like to thank Sundew Solutions, Ensystex Australasia, Bayer and Garrards for their support and we will try and make our next effort in 2018 even bigger.

“The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention.”

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