Subject to field evaluation by CSIRO since 1989, Kordon Termite Management System from Bayer is one of the most rigorously tested termite solutions on the market. 

The pre-construction market is highly competitive and with the timing pressures heaped on pest managers by builders, it can be quite stressful. If you’re new to pre-construction, or even if you’re an old hand, it helps to remember the key elements for success.


We are often overlooked as termite managers on a building site. We are on site for the shortest period of any trade, and this makes it difficult to secure and maintain relationships with other tradespeople. But these relationships are vital; not only it is important that they understand the basics of how a system works, but they especially need to know their responsibilities (what they can and can’t do), once your product is installed. Of course, if you have a good relationship and they have an awareness of your requirements, it’s actually possible they might be a bit more considerate and make your job a little easier!

In this regard, clearly the builder or site supervisor is the key contact. Not only do they need to understand your requirements and the installation timing of the chosen termite system, but a good relationship with clear lines of communication will hopefully result in better job scheduling and early warning of any issues.

Be confident in your trade

Knowledge is king – being up to date with the latest Australian standards, AEPMA Codes of Practice, NCC (National Construction Code) and any local legislation is a top priority.

Training for you and your staff is an essential part of the game. Manufacturer training, carrying the correct accreditation, and PRMPM42a (install physical termite barriers) should be the minimum. Gaining experience in reading building plans should also be considered, to be able to give correct advice to builders and make the quoting and job preparation phases possible.

Be con dent in the various regulations in your state and don’t get bullied into a decision you know is contrary to regulations and best practice. For example, Australian Standard (AS3660.1.2014) for pre-construction termite management was updated in 2014. The transition period from the old standard that ended on April 30, 2017 has been over for 18 months now. Some builders are still operating to the old Australian Standards.

Pre-construction termite system installation carries plenty of liability; get it wrong and you can end up in a legal battle. Correct installation to the required legislation backed up by thorough documentation is key.

A stage 1 Kordon perimeter installation


Adequate documentation is a legislated and essential part of the process. Taking photos of all work, correctly mapping the installation, ensuring manufacturers’ warranties are registered, providing meter box stickers, completion of all associated council forms (e.g. F16) and keeping records of this – and ensuring the builder receives all copies – is critical.

Choose a method of record-keeping that suits your business. There are plenty of options to digitally store information, either locally on hard drives, or cloud storage solutions are available for low cost. Investigate what is right for you and implement it.

Product expertise

Choosing the right product for the job is an essential part of the installation process. With a wide range of construction sites and situations, there is no one product that ts all applications; you will need access to a suite of products to ensure you can cater for any installation detail. Whether it is an initial installation to a new home, installing a product to protect a renovation, or choosing the correct method for repairing an issue, products are available to ensure you are protecting a structure the best way you can.

When it comes to physical barriers, the Kordon Termite Management System from Bayer is a trusted solution for termite protection, and is used extensively across Australia to protect homes. Not only does Kordon function as a physical barrier, it is contains deltamethrin (2g/m2), an effective active ingredient that not only kills termites on contact, but is also a powerful termite repellent. Kordon can be used as a termite barrier or as a full under slab treatment (main picture, above) for termite and moisture membrane protection. Kordon was developed in Australia and is manufactured in Adelaide. Importantly, Kordon is licensed and endorsed by Australian Made.

Kordon termite barrier incorporates deltamethrin in the internal webbing and a moisture vapour barrier

Exposure trials conducted by CSIRO Ecosystem Science (previously known as CSIRO Division of Entomology) has proven the effectiveness of Kordon Termite Barrier over 30 years.

The CSIRO trial results prove Kordon Termite Barrier is effective for a minimum of 30 years under high termite pressure. This is based on actual data, not extrapolation. Kordon has been under field evaluation by CSIRO since 1989 in various locations around Australia against a range of termites including Coptotermes acinaciformis and Mastotermes darwiniensis. These are the longest ongoing trials of any of the sheet termite barriers on the market.

Using extrapolated data techniques, Kordon can be expected to work for the life of the structure (more than 60 years).

Kordon applied as an internal wall sheet to provide protection on a cut and fill slab

Bayer offers any full Kordon Termite System installations the Bayer Protection Warranty. This will cover a home that meets the criteria for any form of termite entry that occurs within the warranty period. The Bayer Protection Warranty can be renewed annually once inspected by a Bayer accredited pest inspector. A nominal fee is paid by the homeowner to maintain this warranty and this can be renewed for the life of the structure.

Any pest manager interested in becoming a Kordon accredited installer, or a Bayer accredited timber pest inspector should contact Bayer. Being a Bayer accredited timber pest inspector will allow you to inspect Kordon systems and renew the Bayer Protection Warranty at sites that meet the criteria.

With over 250,000 homes now protected with Kordon and backed by one of the largest life science companies in the world, installers and homeowners alike can have every confidence that Kordon will provide lasting protection from termites.

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