Completing a termite job with GoPlugs results in a smart, professional finish. 

Worried as homeowners may be about the damage being caused by the termites attacking their home, when they are informed that the treatment will require the drilling of holes through areas of concrete and tiles around the perimeter of their home, it only adds to their stress and concern. Winning the job can often be influenced by demonstrating professionalism in your treatment application and skill in causing as little damage as possible.

Traditionally, plugging drill holes involves using wadding and then topping off with a matched concrete mortar. Not only can matching the colour be a struggle, but mixing and applying at the end of a long day is very tiring, and ensuring a neat finish is a challenge even for experienced professionals. GoPlugs provide a smart and discreet solution.

GoPlugs has a range of plastic plugs to suit a wide range of situations, offering nine different colours in two different sizes: 13mm to suit half-inch injector tips and 8mm to suit 6mm injector tips. It’s quick and easy to simply push the plug into each drill hole at the end of the day. The domed cap design conceals most drill hole chips and the plugs are easily removed for retreating in the future.

Recent developments have included the introduction of GoPlug pebbles, designed to give a professional finish to exposed aggregate slabs. GoPlug Pebbles have an 8mm shaft and have been designed with 10 different head shapes to make the overall finish appear more natural. They are available in five different colours.

The full range of GoPlugs and Pebbles

GoPlugs is a Queensland-based family business run by Jim and Tracee Tramell that has been operating for 15 years. GoPlugs are manufactured in Australia using only the highest quality materials. They are UV stabilised, making them durable and long-lasting to match the lifespan of the termiticides used in the industry.

Mr Trammell believes the success of GoPlugs is due to several factors. “Our success is down to the fact that all pest managers that treat termites drill holes. And what pest manager doesn’t want the easiest and quickest way to finish off a treatment? The added bonus is that they look great when used properly,” he explained.

“It must be remembered that drill holes will be used again and again over subsequent years. This means they should be measured out neatly and accurately – using a chalk line to keep them straight – as they will be a permanent feature of the house. Finishing the job with GoPlugs looks more professional than leaving randomly drilled holes. A happy customer is a repeat customer,” he added.

Tips on how to create neat drill holes, along with product information and photos, can be found on the GoPlugs Facebook page. GoPlugs are available across Australia from all major distributors.

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