Ensystex online ordering system

A new online ordering platform makes it easier than ever for pest managers to order Ensystex products.

Ensystex have just launched their online business-to-business order system, allowing clients to place product orders directly through the Ensystex web site.

Ensystex business development manager, Terry Atkins advised, “As the commercial world changes, more of our clients wanted to take advantage of direct on-line ordering and tracking of shipments. After much careful consideration, we have now established a system to best meet their needs. Of course, clients can still also order by email or telephone, and these options will always be available.

“More and more companies are now using mobile devices including smart phones and tablets, so our systems and website have also been developed to ensure they are offer compatibility across all browsing platforms.

“We have partnered with Handshake, who we have been working with on internal order systems, for some time. We believe they provide the optimal business-to-business (B2B) partnership. The key benefit to our clients is ensuring they get what they want, delivered on time, in a secure environment.

“All orders go directly into our fulfilment system, with copies also sent to the client’s area manager. This allows the area manager to directly intervene at an early stage if further advice might be required. Alternatively, if clients phone or email through an order, our area managers will enter it directly into our Handshake order system.

“Clients need to open an online account with Ensystex to ensure they can log in with total security. To do this they simply contact their area manager, who will set everything up for them. The whole process is designed to be simple and seamless.

“Our entire catalogue is available online and all items come with a product description and photograph, so our clients can see what they are ordering. Clients also have full access to their order history to assist with their own order management procedures.

“Once they’ve completed their order, they receive a confirmation email directly from Ensystex. Their order then synchronises directly to our back office, so we can move the order immediately into processing and fulfilment. This ensures more accurate orders with reduced fulfilment times.”

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