A new pest management study guide has been released with the aim of helping upskill those in the industry. 

Key Questions in Urban Pest Management – A Study and Revision Guide is a new book aimed at those studying the subject of professional pest management. Authored by leading global urban pest experts Partho Dang, Philip Koehler, Roberto Pereira and Daniel D. Dye II, the book is designed to be relevant for pest managers around the world.

The book has been designed as a study and revision guide, containing 18 chapters that focus on one pest or topic area at a time, beginning with a simple introduction followed by key revision questions, many of which require students to use both their practical and learned knowledge.

In total the book features over 500 multiple-choice questions covering every aspect of pest management including the history of urban entomology, pest identification, major pests – including flies, cockroaches, mosquitoes, bed bugs, termites, sporadic pests, stored product pests and vertebrate pests – pesticides and formulations, handling pesticides and integrated pest management.

The book is suitable for beginners and graduate students, technicians, field workers, and office support staff. The authors suggest trainers can also use this book to design classroom exercises, assess students’ ongoing learning and devise appropriate knowledge tests.

In parts of the world where affordable training courses are lacking, and university courses are long, this book makes an excellent learning tool, as well as providing a handy reference and revision tool for more experienced pest managers. It is a welcome addition to the industry and will remain relevant for many years.

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