A new textbook about German cockroaches has hit the shelves, written and edited by leading names in the field of urban pest management.


Pest control books are not that common, especially ones discussing the latest research and control methods. This is why the release of Biology and Management of the German Cockroach is a noteworthy event.

Edited by leading researchers in the field, Dr Changlu Wang, Prof Chow-Yang Lee and Prof Michael Rust, the book is a comprehensive review of German cockroach biology; their impact as an urban pest (including health impact); monitoring and management techniques; control products and issues of resistance; as well as practical guidance on their control in some of the more challenging residential and commercial situations. The book includes contributions from a variety of German cockroach experts.

With the last textbook on German cockroaches – Understanding and Controlling the German Cockroach – released back in 1995 (also edited by Prof Rust), a new text was probably overdue.

“Over the last 25 years, the fundamental and applied science of German cockroach biology and management has progressed tremendously,” commented Prof Lee.

The book is targeted at students and scientists studying German cockroaches, and it is hoped it will become an invaluable companion to pest managers worldwide.

“Several chapters in the book will be very helpful to pest managers, especially the chapters on chemical control methods, baiting, insecticide resistance and IPM in multi-unit dwellings and commercial kitchens,” commented Prof Lee.

“When I bought the original text as a young researcher, it was my constant companion, I used it like my Oxford English Dictionary. I hope those involved in German cockroach management will find this latest edition similarly useful.”

The book is available for purchase through CSIRO Publishing (ANZ readers) and CABI online (for readers from other countries). Discounts are available to readers for purchases made before the end of June. Readers can order the book at and enter the code CCAB20 at the checkout to receive a discount.

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