The BASF range of rodenticides now includes Storm Soft Bait and Selontra Soft Bait.

Pest managers know that effective rodent control requires an integrated approach.

Choice of bait formulation and active ingredients are important considerations when devising a rodent control strategy. But no single rodenticide can handle all situations and that is why pest managers need a range of options.

Storm Secure Wax Blocks from BASF, is a well-known, trusted rodenticide that provides effective and reliable rodent control. The good news for pest managers is that the BASF range of rodenticides has recently been expanded with the release and availability of Storm Soft Bait and Selontra Soft Bait.

“This unique combination of three rodenticides will provide pest managers with greater flexibility and present them with new options for solving problem jobs,” said Dr David Elmouttie, technical development specialist with BASF.

Both Storm Secure Wax Block and Storm Soft Bait are anticoagulant rodenticides based on flocoumafen, a unique active ingredient to BASF. Flocoumafen is a high potency second-generation anticoagulant, which only requires a single feed for rodents to consume a lethal dose. As a result, Storm Secure and Storm Soft Bait provide fast and reliable control of rodents.

Although based on the same active ingredient, Storm Secure and Storm Soft Bait are two totally different formulations, with unique features.

“Storm Secure is a ready to use compressed grain block with high palatability,” said Dr Elmouttie. “Storm also contains an antifungal compound meaning the blocks retain their integrity and durability, extending their palatability and attractiveness to rodents.

“Storm Soft Bait is a unique, soft bait formulation containing protein and a high oil content. It provides exceptional efficacy and palatability even in the most difficult to control situations. Unlike other soft baits, Storm Soft Bait is formulated at the equivalent concentration as Storm Secure, resulting in a high potency and highly palatable formulation. This consistency in bait concentration, active name and the trade name (ie. Storm) also simplifies auditing paperwork when switching between products at a site.”

As both Storm formulations only require a single feed for both rats and mice to consume a lethal dose, less bait than the traditional multi-feed rodenticides are required. This leads to total treatment cost savings.

In addition to both Storm products, BASF has recently launched Selontra Soft Bait Rodenticide into the Australian pest control market. Selontra Soft Bait Rodenticide is a highly effective rodent bait based on the active ingredient colecalciferol – a naturally occurring substance.

“Selontra is innovative in several ways,” said Dr Elmouttie. “Firstly, colecalciferol is not an anticoagulant, and therefore has a different mode of action to the well known rodenticides.

“Secondly, Selontra is a soft block formulation containing a unique combination of cereals and oils. This makes it highly palatable to rats and mice, including in situations where attractive alternative food sources are readily available.

“It is also fast acting and can provide complete control of rodent populations within seven days1. Most importantly, Selontra has a unique environmental, non-target and secondary poisoning toxicity profile, allowing for product registration and use off building and along perimeter fence lines.”

“This is a key benefit of Selontra, as no second generation anticoagulant rodenticide can be legally used for this purpose!” added Dr Elmouttie.

Selontra may be used in a rotational baiting program with Storm Secure and Storm Soft Bait. By using these products in rotation, pest managers can attain superior cleanout and control, while simultaneously employing a comprehensive resistance strategy suitable for all situations.

From a practical perspective, Dr Elmouttie sees that each product has a unique usage positioning where they can be rotated throughout the year in varying situations.

“Storm Secure is a great ‘go to’ product for both cleanout of severe rodent infestations, or longer term maintenance baiting programs. Being a compressed grain block, Storm Secure is highly recommended for use during hotter periods of the year. Pest managers comment that Storm Secure blocks maintain their integrity and stability better than many other blocks during the warmer months.

“Due to its high oil and protein content Storm Soft Bait is an ideal product to use for cleanout of rodents, particularly in cooler months when rodents are seeking fatty foods. It is also the product of choice to use where there is ready availability of other food sources, or where rodents have become reluctant to feed on traditional wax blocks.

“Containing a naturally occurring active ingredient, Selontra is suited for use when rodent populations are growing and quick control is required, or in situations where secondary poisoning and residue risks are high. As such, it is an ideal product to use in situations such as commercial sites, aviaries, zoos and food processing and food storage facilities, for example.

“And pest managers should remember that Selontra can be used on perimeter fence lines and off structure, allowing auditing requirements to be met,” added Dr Elmouttie.

In addition, the Selontra soft bait formulation can be secured within bait stations – a huge benefit over packaged pellet products, which can be dragged to where production animals may consume them.

“With our solutions based approach, the BASF rodenticide range is designed to provide pest managers with maximum flexibility and choice when it comes to rodent control,” said Dr Elmouttie.

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