Greenzone welcomes two new faces to its NSW service team.

The team behind the Australia-nowned Greenzone Termite and Insect Barrier is expanding.

Appointed in January, Ashley Cooper and Mark Harrison (pictured above) have joined the team in NSW to service the growing demand for Greenzone products. Mr Cooper and Mr Harrison are working across the state with Greenzone’s distributor network and local pest managers, builders and architects, with mentoring and industry expertise provided by long-term industry stalwart Neville Hedge.

“With a long family history of association with builders and certification, this role is a homecoming for me,” said Mr Cooper. “The building and construction industry is a passion of mine, so the opportunity to represent Greenzone’s market-leading, Australian-owned and developed expansion foam termite barrier was an opportunity too good to miss. It’s a game-changer for the industry.

“We are genuinely looking to partner with the pest control industry, especially those businesses that wish to diversify into pre-con from the more traditional spray-based treatments.”

Mr Harrison commented, “Greenzone’s commitment to working closely with the pest management industry was a real attention-grabber for me. It’s not often that the managing director of a company like this will get on the tools to really demonstrate the product that he developed.

“You buy from whom you know. The Greenzone team are people who help you out and bring you effective products that increase your productivity and make you more money. The NSW pest market is a key focus for growth of the Greenzone Termite Barrier in 2022.”

General manager Brett Bowey added, “Mark and Ashley are always available to demonstrate to your builders how the product works, the benefits to them, pest managers and the end customer so that you can keep working on your jobs and not waste your valuable time. They are your resource, feel free to use them.”

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