Pest managers looking for a new management software can take advantage of a 60-day trial offered by myFLO. 

Workflow and functionality are two vital components to establishing optimum performance between the office and field staff. myFLO is a field service management software designed to streamline business process workflow for pest management companies. myFLO has been developed to support businesses of all sizes by managing and monitoring information flow, from the initial enquiry all the way through to invoicing and payments. myFLO provides field technicians with all the required tools to be able to perform the service and receive payment before leaving the site, without involving admin staff.

myFlo offer a range of products; myFLO Enterprise, myFLO Business and now myFlo Lite.

myFLO Business is suitable for pest businesses with greater than six technicians, but businesses with fewer technicians often need a more affordable option. myFLO light has been developed specifically for these smaller businesses, using some of the same business functionality available in myFLO Business.

myFLO Lite offers basic job functionality with the ability to invoice and receive payments and email, reporting, accounting and payment integration.

“We have taken myFLO Business and provided an entry level system with preconfigured workflows and forms. Businesses simply register online and can commence using the system in minutes,” said Michael Stornelli, principle at myFLO.

myFlo Lite is available to all pest industry businesses with up to five field technicians. Companies have the opportunity to use myFlo Lite on a 60 day free trial before deciding whether to continue, by moving on to a low cost monthly fee.

MyFLO are dedicated to providing quality management and streamlining pest control businesses.

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