Two actives come together in the form of Muskil Dual Active Rodenticide from Ensystex. 

Muskil Dual Active Rodenticide is the only rodenticide that blends two different actives together, difenacoum and bromadiolone, to create a unique, high performance rodenticide. The high palatability formulation with Fluo-NP Technology, to overcome bait shyness, has remarkable acceptance and uptake to deliver faster kill. The unique active combination also delivers a greatly reduced toxicity profile to non-targets, including pets.

Steve Broadbent, regional director for Ensystex, advised, “Muskil is another of our patent-protected, innovation products, and the only rodenticide that utilises two active ingredients. These two actives combine together to create a synergistic effect, with each dynamically intensifying the effects of the other, to provide a more potent solution than either alone. The results that professionals have been achieving with Muskil have been outstanding and confirm its improved killing power.”

Domenic Micono of Pest A Kill, in Geraldton, has been serving the remote areas of Western Australia for more than 30 years.

“Our reputation as experts in solving people’s pest problems is the foundation of our business, so we have to use the best products. Out in the goldfields of Western Australia, we face some really tough rodent problems. These are remote communities, and it is important to get results quickly, first time, every time. One can’t afford to keep going back to fix a rodent problem. We tried Muskil as soon as it was released, as it appeared to be another really innovative product from the team at Ensystex. Of course, we tried it out at some really tough and challenging sites! ” said Mr Micono.

“As promised, we had quick bait uptake due to the Fluo-NP Technology that is designed to overcome bait shyness, and we started seeing dead rodents after just a couple of days. In these mining communities, they are also very concerned about safety, and the reduced risk profile of Muskil compared to other anticoagulant rodenticides to non-target animals, including dogs, is a big benefit. Also, with the Fluo-NP Technology, the bait glows bright red under a black-light torch, which means it is very easy from a management perspective to see if there is any bait spillage, or if the rodents have spread the bait, which is another big safety benefit.

“The 15g extruded Muskil blocks ensure we get more bait placements with Muskil, compared to most other products, and since a 15g block is enough to kill several large rats, and because it kills the rodents faster, it means that Muskil is more economical in use,” concluded Mr Micono.

Mr Broadbent confirmed that, “Muskil’s Fluo-NP Technology, an abbreviation of Fluorescent No Phobia offers many benefits. Commensal rodents are naturally wary of new things, consequently they are usually reticent to feed on a new bait. This is commonly referred to as ‘bait shyness’ or, more correctly, ‘neophobia’.

“Muskil uses a non-detectable fluorescent red dye that absorbs light in the ultraviolet light spectrum. Rodents mostly observe light in the ultraviolet range. By adding this fluorescent colour dye to Muskil, we trick the rodents into thinking other members of their clan have already inspected the bait and confirmed it is safe to eat.

“The science behind this is based on two key facts. Firstly, urine reflects light in the ultraviolet range and; secondly, rodents produce a lot of urine as part of their natural behaviour when they are in a relaxed state. In fact, rodents routinely urinate over their food! Whilst it may seem odd to us, the presence of lots of urine in the environment makes rodents feel comfortable.

“So, with Muskil, since it reflects light in ultraviolet range, like urine does, we believe it appears to a rodent that other rodents have urinated in proximity to the bait. This could indicate to the rodents that other members of their clan have already been and checked the bait out, demonstrating it was safe and therefore suitable to eat. As a result, we get quicker feeding.

“Muskil uniquely works on the rodent’s senses of sight, smell and taste. Muskil contains high quality aromatic ingredients to draw the rodents to a bait station, the Fluo- NP Technology then provides for quicker acceptance of the bait, and the high protein recipe of Muskil ensures good consumption. Finally, the dynamic synergy achieved from the use of two actives, provides faster kill.

“With current market concerns with respect to residues of rodenticides, Muskil’s Fluo-NP Technology also provides a significant benefit for traceability of ingested bait. This is because the non-toxic Fluo-NP dye is excreted into the rodent’s droppings. So, when you shine a UV tracking torch (black-light) onto the droppings, you can trace the rodents’ movements to locate entry points and harbourages (main picture), and ultimately find where the rodents are dying,” concluded Mr Broadbent.