An overview of some of the most notable mergers and acquisitions within the global pest industry in recent years.

Over the past few years the major multinational pest control companies have been acquiring a number of pest control business across the country; Ecolab, Rentokil and Anticimex have all been active. It is probably worth recapping some of the recent major acquisitions.

Flick Anticimex themselves formed when Anticimex (headquarters in Sweden) purchased parts of the ISS business in 2013, merged with Enviropest in 2015. The Enviropest Group includes Enviropest, 1300Termite, Termguard and Granitgard. This major merger has Flick Anticimex vying with Rentokil for the largest pest control company in Australia, with the company viewing “the merger in Australia is a natural step in Anticimex’s vision to create a world leader in pest control.”

Perhaps the most significant development over the last couple of years has been the arrival of Rollins, the American based pest control group, who own Orkin in the USA. In 2014 they purchased Allpest WA in Perth, the first step in Rollins’ declared goal to become the leading pest control firm in Australia. Later that year they acquired Statewide Pest Control in Victoria and early in 2016, Rollins’ announced the acquisition of Murray Pest Control in Adelaide, to continue their expansion.

With many of the global pest control companies viewing Australia as an expansion opportunity, often through acquisition, we can expect more activity in the near future.

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