Bayer’s longstanding termite barrier, Kordon, remains one of the most rigorously tested and high performing termite solutions on the Australian market. 

During the mid 1990s, Kordon Termite Barrier was launched and became the first product representing a new class of termite management system.

In the Australian Standard for Termite Management 3660.1-2000 Kordon was referenced as ‘a chemical in a non-soil matrix’. The 2014 version has Kordon referenced as a ‘Sheet Material’.

Kordon is a pre-fabricated sheet material comprising a layer of webbing to which a precise and consistent dose rate of deltamethrin is applied. The webbing is then sealed between two robust outer sheets of plastic. This provides the best features from the worlds of both chemical and physical barriers.

The physical nature of the blanket provides the ‘set and forget’ reliability of physical barriers, whilst the pre-existing impregnation with a chemical enhances performance, by not only killing termites on contact but also acting as a powerful repellent. These features have been repeatedly demonstrated in ongoing trials run in conjunction with CSIRO here in Australia. It means the most effective protection is guaranteed every time.

The repellency created by the presence of deltamethrin creates such an unpleasant environment for the foraging termites that once confronted with the Kordon blanket they will tend to go and look elsewhere. This is a major advantage over traditional physical barriers where termites will simply investigate the barrier and (not being repelled) attempt to bridge over it.

Kordon has been exposed to high levels of termite pressure in field trials in Australia for more than 26 years and results from these CSIRO trials (100% success) indicate that we can confidently state that Kordon will remain effective as a barrier to concealed termite entry for more than 50 years (or the ‘life of the building’).

Kordon is installed as a pre-construction physical termite barrier and as such it prevents concealed entry of termites into a building. However, as will all termite management systems, this means that regular termite inspections should be carried out at least on an annual basis by a competent and qualified professional, in order to ensure that termite entry does not occur.

Kordon can be installed as a full under slab barrier (where it also functions as a moisture barrier) or it can be installed as a perimeter only treatment to protect against the areas of highest probability of termite attack. Kordon had a track record of proven flexibility in installation having been used in various construction types in over 250,000 installations Australia-wide.

The structure of Kordon

Kordon Termite and Moisture Barrier

The installation of Kordon Termite Barrier as a complete under-slab system provides both termite and moisture membrane protection. It should be installed on top of the bedding sand before the steel reinforcing mesh is laid.

All pipes and penetrations need to be individually protected by Kordon as part of this installation. The concrete is then poured on top of Kordon Termite Barrier.

Kordon Termite Barrier full under-slab installation is an excellent choice for areas of high termite risk. As specified in Australian Standard AS 2870, Kordon Termite Barrier requires a 200mm overlap.

It is important that homeowners are given the option to utilise Kordon as a ‘full under-slab installation’ by the builder, this will ensure the ultimate protection.

Kordon perimeter and service pipe installation

The perimeter system is installed in conjunction with a concrete slab being constructed in accordance with residential slabs and footings – Construction Standard AS 2870. A slab constructed to this Standard was included as a termite barrier in AS 3660.1,2000 and continues to be approved in AS 3660.1,2014.

The decision on the most appropriate Kordon installation should be made in consultation with the accredited installer, the homeowner, builder, building designer, architect and engineer. Areas with concern of high termite pressure should take all steps available to them to protect any new structure against termite ingress.

A sustainable solution

With a commitment to sustainable development, we are focussed on developing highly effective solutions which not only provide a high level of environmental and human safety, but are also consistent with our published goals of greenhouse gas emission reduction.

Kordon is manufactured in Australia, and in the context of transport and greenhouse gas emissions associated with that, it therefore offers distinct advantages over other similar products, which are imported from overseas.

Environmentally safe and allergen free

The development of Kordon has been entirely consistent with the company environmental objectives. Since its development, Kordon has offered real advantages over traditional termite management practices.

The encapsulation of a chemical termiticide into a pre- fabricated physical sheet material means no exposure to the environment, unlike soil-applied termiticides. This makes it ideal for environmentally sensitive sites requiring sustainable, ecologically responsible solutions.

Testing has shown that no allergens are generated from Kordon and thus it is an ideal choice for allergen free housing. The fact that Kordon has so frequently been the product of choice in many public buildings (eg. schools, hospitals and public buildings) is testimony to its excellent safety profile.

National certification

Kordon Termite Barrier is CodeMark Certified to the requirements of the Australian Building Code.

Preferred by architects and building designers

Independent market research has shown Kordon to be the preferred method of termite protection specified by architects and building designers.

APVMA approval

Kordon has been fully assessed by independent federal regulatory bodies in relation to efficacy, health and safety environment impact. Kordon is the only chemical barrier in a non-soil matrix in the Australian market to have a label which has had claims for a minimum period of protection of 15 years fully supported by independent regulatory body assessment.

CodeMark certification

Kordon Termite Barrier carries the Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) CodeMark Mark of Conformity.

Kordon has been assessed as meeting all the requirements of the BCA including the Queensland requirement for 50 year durability and NT requirement for exposure and performance against the tropical termite Mastotermes darwiniensis.

The CodeMark logo gives homeowners confidence the Kordon system is an appropriate product to protect their home. Ongoing monitoring by independent certifiers further ensures the standard is maintained.

Australian made

Kordon is manufactured in Australia and has been tested and developed to specifically suit Australian conditions.

Kordon support

Kordon is installed by a network of accredited installers who are licensed and accredited by Bayer, with installations backed by a comprehensive warranty. Pest managers interested in accreditation should contact Bayer directly.

Neville Hedge, National Training Manager (Pre-construction), Bayer and Daryle Swarz, Market Manager, Professional Pest Management, Bayer

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