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For customers that consider safety a top priority, Altriset Termiticide gives pest managers the opportunity to protect their home using the only liquid termiticide that is exempt from poison scheduling.

If you are looking to increase your business you could change what you charge, reduce what you spend or better still, win more business. A real way to win more business is to improve your offer and personalise what you offer. If you can identify what your customer is looking for in their termite control, you can tailor your offer to suit their needs. Most insurance companies are currently doing this and YOUI insurance is a great example of personalising the offer to suit the customers’ wants and needs.

When selling termite treatments to active sites, the pest management professional that most meets the wants and needs will invariably win the business. By personalising the service you are making the offer about the customer and not about you. This approach not only gains the customer’s confidence but it also reduces the opportunity for the customer to negotiate around price and price only. Altriset Termiticide offers an excellent opportunity to customise your control offer around the combination of safety and long term protection. Altriset is the only termite product that is exempt from poison scheduling, stops termites feeding within hours, and provides years of protection. There are many other benefits, but let’s concentrate on safety as a way of personalising the offer.

If safety is important to your customer, then you can focus your discussion around it and gain their trust that you will conduct the treatment in a manner that has safety as a priority. The conversation has then moved from that of price to ‘how can we do a treatment that offers high levels of safety’.

Once the customer is aware that safety is important to you and to them, one would expect that the use of toxicant dusts inside the property would be the first treatment that the property owner will not entertain. This will remove a majority of your competitors from the quoting cycle before you have even submitted a price. This then allows you the freedom to discuss the complete treatment from the perspective of safety, and your business will own the position of the company that uses products with low toxicity. The price must still be fair to close the sale, but you will be the reference point for all quotes.

This is not unlike what YOUI do with their advertising. They are personalising the offer for the customer so the customer can feel confident that they are getting the best option for them and a price they are happy with. As you may well know, YOUI do not always offer the cheapest price, but they have put forward an offer that the customer will perceive as good for them, before price is negotiated. Importantly, your offer must be good and meet their wants and needs; the price must be fair but it does not need to be the cheapest. The treatment must deliver on the promise to remove termites from the property quickly and protect the property for years, so you can convert the personalisation into a sale.

Establishing customer needs and wants and proposing a treatment option that addresses those needs and wants should win more business, and when done well, will lead to more referrals as you will be differentiated from your competitors.

Altriset, when tailored to customers, demonstrates that you are thinking of what is best for the customer and their property. Altriset allows you to differentiate your offer and personalise the solution for their termite infestation problem.

Altriset benefit summary

With the array of products and techniques available for termite jobs, you need to be able to simply explain what each product or service offers. If every job was done at the lowest price, there would be no value in the pest management business, so you need to be able to convince the customer they are getting the best job and the best price.

If you are one of the increasing numbers of pest managers offering Altriset to your customers, you are offering them a combination of benefits that create value for the job. The important thing is to communicate all the benefits and to place emphasis on those that the customer is most concerned about. The following cheat sheet explores the benefits of Altriset against customer needs and wants.

Stops damage: Altriset will stop termites feeding within hours. Within 2-4 hours, termite jaws become paralysed and they stop feeding causing no further damage to the home.

Speed of control: Altriset kills 100% of directly or indirectly exposed termites in 14 days.

Longevity of control: While Altriset is the latest termite treatment available, it has years of evidence supporting its longevity. It has been used in house trials and field trials in Australia and the US for over seven years.

Safety: Altriset is the only liquid termiticide exempt from poison scheduling. PPE is not required with Altriset and there is no skin irritation. There is an improved experience for the applicator and provides the homeowner with the peace of mind that you are safeguarding their family and pets.

Termite control: Altriset has outstanding transfer properties – termites don’t die straight away and are able to transfer the active ingredient back to the nest leading to a greater chance of colony elimination.