Greenzone celebrates its first very successful year in the Australian termite market. 

Back in 2010, when Greenzone Termite and Insect Barrier was just an idea scribbled on a napkin, Paul Commerford, Greenzone founder and director, never imagined the long journey ahead of him and his team to take his idea and turn it into a tangible product.

Even after eight years of R&D, testing and trials, consulting entomologists and ensuring the product adhered to Australian regulatory bodies, there was never a guarantee that the product would succeed. So celebrating one year is something the Greenzone team is especially proud of.

Whilst Mr Commerford is delighted to see Greenzone reaching its first birthday milestone, the team is by no means resting on its laurels, with plans to build on its success with the release of several new products. These include the Greenzone Sock Barrier, a Greenzone termiticidal adhesive and sealant, and a much anticipated Greenzone termite sheet barrier product.

Business development manager Owen Lewis is equally thrilled about Greenzone’s first year of growth, having made the switch to the industry back in early 2018. “I’ve found the pest control industry very welcoming to new members like myself, with various individuals more than willing to share their knowledge, which has been extremely helpful,” said Mr Lewis.

“It was always a big risk switching over from a large multinational company to an Australian start-up business. However, I’m pleased at how well the company has been received within the industry. I’ve been particularly impressed by the willingness shown by pest managers and business owners to get behind and support a new Australian business.

“I genuinely believe we lead the way in customer service by offering great support and listening to consumer feedback. We will will maintain this approach as the core focus of our business,” he said.

With nearly 400 accredited installers Australia-wide, Greenzone is fast becoming a preferred product for many applications on pre-construction jobs. One such installer is Phil Sweeney from Superior Pest Control in Newcastle, NSW, who together with his team, are frequent users of Greenzone and recognise its on-site benefits.

“Greenzone has been the answer to a question a lot of our builders were asking us when it came to construction joins and the like,” said Mr Sweeney. “Adding Greenzone to our list of pre-construction products has given us a significant point of difference to our competitors, whilst the support offered by the Greenzone team completes the deal.”

Any pest manager who is interested in becoming an accredited Greenzone installer can visit the Greenzone website for more information.

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