Greenzone Acquires Altis Reticulation Systems

Greenzone has acquired Altis reticulation systems to broaden its termite protection range of products.


Greenzone Termite Barrier has announced the acquisition of Altis Pty. Ltd., the company that produces the Altis Reticulation System.

The acquisition of Altis is a significant expansion of Greenzone’s product range and capabilities within the termite market.

“Following on from the launch of Greenzone Fipronil and Greenzone Bifenthrin late last year, the acquisition of Altis means Greenzone can now offer our customers a comprehensive range of termite protection products for both the pre-construction and post-construction markets,” commented Brett Bowey, general manager at Greenzone.

“The Altis Reticulation System was invented in 1992 and was the first reticulation system to gain chemical label approval in Australia. Other reticulation systems at the time depended on high pressure to achieve the desired effect, but Altis was a low-pressure system using emitter technology, providing a highly accurate and measurable result. Thirty plus years later and the Altis Reticulation System continues to stand out from its competitors.”

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