A new pre-construction termite product is hitting the Australian market in the form of Greenzone Termite and Insect Barrier. 

Greenzone is a new, Australian-designed and registered termite and insect barrier that offers huge potential to impact on and improve the commercial building industry.

The Greenzone concept integrates a termite barrier (agent) with an expansion joint foam to create a product that simplifies the installation of termite barriers around penetrations (pipes), in concrete slabs and where concrete control (expansion) joints are located.

Greenzone is the result of years of research, development and stakeholder experience encompassing the pest, termite and construction industries. The product has been primarily designed with cost efficiency, waste reduction and smarter project scheduling in mind.

Established in September 2010, Green Zone Pty Ltd is a privately owned Australian company formed to develop the Greenzone technology for Australian and international building and construction markets.

Greenzone technology

Nearing market release in Australia, the core innovation of Greenzone is the safe integration of bifenthrin with a polyethylene expansion foam resulting in a single product that repels both insects and termites.

Bifenthrin is a pyrethroid insecticide and termiticide, a fourth generation pyrethroid, which is virtually insoluble in water and the longest residual termiticide currently registered on the market. Bifenthrin is used all over the world and is commonly found in pesticides and termiticides.

The manufacture of the Greenzone product uses an extrusion process that combines bifenthrin with a closed cell, cross-linked polyethylene material. In adopting this innovative process, once the Greenzone product has dried, it prevents the leaching and degradation of the bifenthrin.

This single product has three functions – as a termite barrier, an insect barrier and an expansion joint filler. An adhesive backing means that in most building and construction applications, the process requires only one step installation and no specialist tools.

Greenzone can be easily customised and applied to suit multiple market opportunities spanning residential, commercial, industrial, retail, health, hospitality, shipping and logistics. It can even be used in home appliances and for packaging purposes. The scope is simply enormous.

Research and development

Greenzone has undertaken extensive research and development over the last eight years, notably:

  • Three-year and one-year field trials completed in Darwin and Griffith to evaluate Greenzone as a barrier against subterranean termites.
  • Further efficacy testing against black ant and cockroaches undertaken by the University of Technology Sydney (UTS)
  • A range of performance testing undertaken by Eurofins Agroscience Testing (NSW)
  • Lifetime assessment testing (physical strength and active ingredient retention) in progress with ExcelPlas Polymer Testing Services (VIC).

In August 2016, Green Zone Pty Ltd was awarded a government grant under the Federal Governments Accelerating Commercialisation, Entrepreuneurs’ Programme, which recognises original products and assists in their launch to domestic and international markets.

This year will see Greenzone obtain Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) registration, commence regulatory processes in overseas markets and look to develop strategic partnering/licensing relationships within the industry.

Greenzone is also in the final stages of CodeMark certification, a voluntary building product certification scheme that supports the use of new or innovative products.

Rapid Solutions Conference 2017

Greenzone is pleased to be a New Product Sponsor at the Rapid Solutions Conference 2017, held from August 11-12 at the RACV Royal Pines Resort on the Gold Coast.

In an industry that is constantly evolving, improving and reinventing itself, Greenzone is pleased to be on board with Rapid Solutions 2017 and launching an Australian product that will grow pest control businesses and provide great benefit to the wider Australian construction industry.

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