Extend the life of your specialist equipment by treating it with a cleaner that’s designed for the job. 

The equipment of a busy pest manager will come into daily contact with a range of tough and often dangerous chemicals and insecticides. Tanks, hoses, filters and nozzles can sometimes be left with small amounts of chemical residue, which can carry over to the next job. Left unchecked, these residues can cause blocked filters and uneven spray patterns, and over a longer period can lead to equipment corrosion.

Delays on the job caused by incorrect application rate or spray patterns cost the pest manager time and money, as well as potential callbacks. Taking the time to use the right tank and equipment cleaner will translate to real money saved and a reduction in lost time.

All Clear DS available from Liphatech is a specially formulated cleaning solution that removes insecticide residue, debris and oily substances from valuable equipment such tanks, booms, transfer and mixing systems, screens and nozzles. Featuring a three-way action, All Clear DS contains:

  • Surfactants – to physically remove residues and stop them from re-sticking
  • Sequestrants – to lock up residues and improve rinse out
  • Detergents – to solubilise and break down residues.

Chris Walker, senior technician from Urban Pest Management in Sydney, was pleased with the results from using All Clear DS.

“I used All Clear DS for the first time the other week and was pleased with how well it worked and how clean my tank and hoses came up,” he said. “I plan to use it if I know I am not going to be using my tanks for a week, so that they are clean when I start spraying again. I also intend to use it every so often just to ensure my equipment is in good shape.”

Clean spray equipment works reliably for longer, and considering the cost of new equipment and spare parts, a simple clean-out using All Clear DS will keep money in a pest manager’s pocket.

Having clean equipment is never more important than when switching between chemicals with opposite actions, e.g. between repellent and non-repellent products. All products on the All Clear DS target list have been laboratory tested for percentage of residue removal. Even when it comes to the sticky and most difficult to clean products, All Clear DS proves highly effective in removing them.

Filter showing right-hand side cleaned with All Clear DS

“If I’m swapping chemicals in my tank, especially over to a sensitive chemical, I will use All Clear DS in the tank to ensure there is no contamination,” Mr Walker added.

All Clear DS is a one-bottle cleaning solution that is easy to store, handle and transport, with no shelf-life constraints. Pest managers no longer need to carry with them a wide range of potent chemicals such as ammonia and chlorine that simply don’t keep for long.

All Clear DS is a simple, cost-effective way to protect high value gear against chemical corrosion, whilst ensuring that the job is carried out right, every time.

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