Bell Laboratories’ rodent bait stations are the products of choice for pest managers at Flick Anticimex. 

Flick Anticimex recently selected some of Bell Laboratories’ family of Protecta bait stations to use as their exclusive stations for rodent control accounts.

“It was the manufacturing quality of Bell rodent stations, plus the size choices that were the major drivers in Flick’s decision to choose Bell rodent stations exclusively,” said Russell Thorsen, national service delivery manager for Flick Anticimex.

Among the stations to be used in the field are Bell’s Protecta Shield, Protecta Sidekick and Protecta Evo Mouse. The Shield will be Flick Anticimex’s primary rodent baiting station. As Bell’s newest bait station, the Shield has a low-profile design constructed from impact-resistant, injection-moulded plastic. The single locking mechanism and side-opening lid allow for fast and convenient servicing.

It accommodates 3 x 28g bait Blox or soft bait. Its compact design makes it ideal for tight baiting situations and can be used around the perimeter of buildings and along rodent runways.

When trapping is required, Flick Anticimex will use Bell’s Protecta Sidekick that can accommodate rodent snap traps. Constructed from impact-resistant, injection moulded plastic, Sidekick holds up well in temperature extremes. In the field, it works as both a bait station and a monitoring station.

Flick Anticimex will also use Bell’s Protecta Evo Mouse, for mice infestations. The Protecta Evo Mouse is a recent addition to Bell’s Australian range. It is designed for quick servicing and fast results and features the Evo key for quick entry and servicing. Its compact size allows it to fit in corners and tight spaces, and it can hold two Blox of bait.

“Bell’s line of tamper resistant rodent bait stations have long been the number one choice among professional pest control operators around the world who are concerned with providing customers the highest level of security and quality. Bell’s bait stations undergo rigorous testing to ensure tamper-resistance for children and non-targets,” commented Andy Knox, Bell’s Australasian business manager.

The Flick Anticimex approved product list will also feature the Protecta Evo Ambush, Protecta LP and Protecta Evo Circuit.

“These stations received the prestigious Tier 1 distinction, meaning they must pass the U.S Environmental Protection Agency’s established protocols that demonstrate resistance to children and dogs, and possess performance features for weather resistance,” continued Mr Knox.

“Bell Laboratories has set the standard for rodent bait stations around the world for many years. I was very pleased and proud when a progressive and professional business like Flick Anticimex nominated a select few from our product range as their sole offering in this product category in Australia.”

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