Sumitomo’s termite baiting solution allows for installation in a variety of applications, giving pest managers much needed flexibility.

We all know that success in termite baiting relies on placing the bait at an active feeding front. Not only do you need to find the feeding front, but you need to be able to access the area and find a suitable location to fix the bait station. This is not always so easy. Termite activity can appear anywhere, not just in wall voids or architraves – the classic locations shown in all the training manuals. Unfortunately, termites haven’t read the manuals and will often pop up in the most difficult to access places.

One of the key advantages of the Xterm termite baiting system is its flexibility in application.

“Although Xterm uses an above ground bait station for standard installations, its unique cartridge based system allows for installation in small, difficult to access areas. With the bait contained within the cartridge, it’s possible to just cut the protective wrapper off one side, add the required water to moisten the bait, and using the ‘blank’ bait paste, fix the cartridge to sites significantly smaller than would be possible with a standard bait station. Simply covering the cartridge with duct tape holds the cartridge in place. Our customers are loving this flexibility and getting great results,” explained Charles McClintock, Sumitomo business manager.

Kevin Farrell from Coolamon Pest Control near Wagga Wagga in NSW has been using Xterm since it was launched three years ago and his experience illustrates the flexibility in installation with Xterm.

Kevin Farrell, Coolamon Pest Control

“We have used Xterm on Coptotermes acinaciformis and frenchi, as well as ‘Schedos’, we get great results, but it’s just the convenience I love. It’s easy for the operator to use and I’ve used it in a lot of different situations. The cartridge gives me a lot of flexibility – wherever I have a small, awkward spot I use the cartridge, I’ve even used it over cracks in concrete. It’s just important to make sure you cover it after installation.

“The beauty of the system is that is also prevents contamination. The wrapper protects the bait during transport and as I don’t have to mix up the bait, there is no chance of an accidental drop of sweat falling in the bait mix in the heat of summer – which can seriously impact feeding with frenchi.”

James Benton of Ultra Pest Management in Gosford, NSW (main picture, above) also appreciates the flexibility. “Baiting with Xterm can be very adaptable, as not all baiting scenarios are straight forward. Over the past three years of using Xterm, I have had 100% strike rate when baiting Coptotermes spp., which has given me the confidence to adapt my baiting strategy when I have tricky areas to bait.

“Using the canisters loose are great for sub-floor applications, where sites to attach standard bait stations are limited and feeding sites are often small. I have even used loose bait in sandwich bags, when I have needed to squeeze bait in a small space and wanted to maintain moisture,” said Mr Benton.

Such is the ingenuity of pest managers, shortly after launch, they quickly found a new application technique for the Xterm system, one which provided even more flexibility. By replacing the blank bait in the lure bottle, with active bait from a cartridge, pest managers could create a bait paste, which they could inject directly into workings. Great for small, hard to reach places where fixing even the small Xterm bait cartridge would not be possible.

Mr Farrell continued, “In the really tricky situations, the paste and even the dry pellets are options. In one case I created a paste of active bait in the lure bottle and injected the paste between sleepers, where the termites were active, to get them to feed quickly. It was an ideal time to apply – warm weather, and the ‘Coptos’ were controlled straight away.

Termites feeding on Xterm canister located near loose wood in subfloor

“I’ve also used the dry pellets in moist situations. Recently, I applied loose pellets underneath a piece of wood on the ground where the termites were active. The pellets took up the moisture and the termites took the pellets. I’ve done everything with Xterm!”

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