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Ensystex is targeting consumers in a new campaign for its Exterra Termite System.

As we all know termites can be active all year round. However, many homeowners get their first warning of an issue with the visible signs of a termite swarm, which usually occurs from November through until late summer, on hot balmy evenings.

To coincide with the termite swarming season, Exterra will launch a brand awareness campaign to ensure the Exterra name and product benefits remain top of mind with homeowners, whenever they need to take termite action.

Steve Broadbent, Ensystex regional director highlighted the campaign message. “The campaign will consolidate the Exterra brand as the premium solution for termite eradication and will focus on the well proven efficacy of Exterra and its environmental benefits.”

The national campaign will be driven via a targeted, online advertising program to homeowners. To achieve this, Ensystex are executing an integrated online advertising strategy that combines targeted website and Facebook advertising.

“We recognise the internet is now the major source for consumer information and decision making. Some of the usage figures are quite staggering!

“For example, in the month of September over 18 million Australians were surfing online, both young and old. The average number of page views per person in both the 35-49 and 50 plus age groups was around 1700. On average, a massive 32 hours per person was spent viewing online!”

“We intend to harness this growing online market and drive the Exterra branding into homes, desktops, tablets and smartphones. Again this is vital, since device usage has changed dramatically over the past two years.”

Mobile devices are now more commonly used to access the internet than desktop computers.

“The Nielsen September online report showed 49% of consumers got their data via a smartphone, 19% via a tablet and 38% via a desktop computer. So we will take the Exterra message to them where they live, work and play!”

Exterra will use the latest advertising and data management tools to identify the target consumers and deliver the most appropriate adverts to the right device at the best time.

“The ability to target potential customers is quite amazing. These tools overlay demographic and socio-economic customer profiles with their online user profiles. This allows us to specifically target homeowners in the 30-65 years age group. These customers will then see Exterra ads as they browse the internet.

“However, we can be even more specific. Secondary data overlays include those homeowners with an environmental conscience and those with existing termite issues. Of course targeting females is vital.”

As we all know, the majority of calls to pest companies come from women and the Ensystex research reinforced this fact.

“According to a survey by the Winston-Salem Strategic Consultancy, 92% of women claim to be the primary decision-maker for most, if not all, of their household’s purchases. Furthermore, 84% of women in the survey said they were more qualified than other members in their household to act as the Chief Purchasing Officer!”

With Facebook the number one social media platform and Australians spending nearly eight hours a month on Facebook, no online campaign would be complete without some Facebook activity.

“Our Facebook targeting is strategic and tightly structured and will enhance our overall campaign outcomes. Targeting options employed include location, demographics, gender, precise interests, connections and friends of connections.

“The Facebook advertising will run from the Exterra Facebook page and the consumer message will be delivered in newsfeeds and sidebars of targeted Facebook users.”

By specific targeting of their online advertising activities, Ensystex expect to increase their conversion rate – turn more potential customers into actual customers. In turn this will deliver more business to Exterra authorised operators.

“The call to action message for all the advertisements will drive people to the Exterra website, where they can easily request details of their local authorised operator.”