In this feature, we turn the spotlight onto some of the key companies within our industry. In this edition, we look at product manufacturer and distributor Ensystex.

Ensystex was founded in 1994 on the principles of ethical business set by its founder, the late David Nimocks III. The US company – based in North Carolina – was borne out of a desire to provide the pest control industry with quality products, supported by excellent technical assistance. Since its inception, Ensystex has remained focused on the professional pest control market.

Australia was the first country of launch outside the USA, back in 2002. In the 16 years since, Ensystex has expanded into more than 40 countries worldwide, with more than 72% of its sales generated outside of the US. Something of a rarity for a global enterprise, Ensystex remains a privately owned company.

Ensystex: Quick Facts

  • Overview: Manufacturer and distributor of professional pest control products.
  • Company size: Over 20 full-time employees plus additional part-time, contract and support staff in Australia. Warehousing in NSW, WA and QLD and two showrooms in NSW and QLD.
  • Specialisation: Development and supply of insecticides, non-chemical solutions, device-driven systems and equipment.
  • International reach: A US company with operations in more than 40 countries including the US,Europe, Asia, Middle East, Latin America, Africa.

Focusing on solutions

Ensystex is proud to be an R&D company. Back in 1994, Mr Nimocks began researching termite baiting solutions, looking at ways to improve the current methods of control. Exterra – still Ensystex’s flagship brand – was the first product Ensystex launched in the US and then in Australia. Its runaway success allowed Ensystex to re-invest in further research and development and expand its product range.

“Our growth is testament to our company work ethic and drive to create innovative products that solve problems for pest managers. We’re a solutions-focused business,” explained Dion Alderton, Ensystex business manager for Australia. “We are the only supplier to have specialist technical staff based in every state of Australia, so that we can give the very best, region-specific support.”

Today, Ensystex offers a complete suite of pest control products that caters for all urban pest management situations. In Australia, Ensystex has a staggering 1000 plus product lines, ranging from insecticide products to application equipment and their replacement components. It has well over 100 main line pest control products, each developed for a specific use.

“Each Ensystex product has a reason for being; each one is the result of us using our R&D capabilities to meet a specific pest management need,” said Mr Alderton. “Unlike global crop and turf product manufacturers, we focus on finding solutions solely for urban pest management situations.”

Ensystex has continued to make good on its promise of leading innovation by ploughing all pro ts back into R&D to develop the next products in the pipeline, typically releasing at least two or three new products each year. Mr Alderton confirmed four more launches are likely over the first six months of 2019.

In addition to the investment in innovation, those at Ensystex believe their success can also be attributed to their business model. Ensystex is both the manufacturer and distributor of its products – it sells directly to customers with no middle man. This allows the company to respond quickly to market needs and better understand what its clients are looking for.

“We’re a dynamic company. If pest managers tell us they need a product, we have the means to research it, develop it and bring it to market. We invest significantly in quality yet can still deliver competitive pricing,” said Mr Alderton.

Product power

Innovative products shape industry practice. The Exterra Termite Colony Elimination System made a positive impact on the industry and helped to make termite baiting a mainstream form of termite control.

More recently, Ensystex’s cockroach treatment Attrathor is having similar impact, as it is a liquid spray bait, quite unlike any other product on the market. Gel baits, while effective, can be time-consuming and messy to apply. Attractor was developed to allow a quicker and more effective application, with less mess for pest managers.

Mr Alderton added, “Attrathor has been a real game-changer for both the industry and Ensystex as a company. It’s provided a brand-new concept in the form of a liquid bait, using two very complex micro-encapsulation technologies, for the food component and active component respectively. This makes it very advantageous in use compared with other treatment methods, while demonstrating to the industry our commitment to ongoing innovation.”

Responding to trends

In line with calls for low impact products, Ensystex is striving to improve product efficiency and reduce its environmental impact. Its innovations in LED lighting will deliver significant efficiencies for insect traps while 2019 will see the release of the new Ecothor Active Nature range.

In response to feedback from pest managers, the Exterra termite baiting system is undergoing change in 2019 with the previous site registration requirement being replaced with a new pricing model to reduce the amount of paperwork required and take Exterra into the next decade. “For 2019 and beyond, we will continue to listen to our customers, aim to provide great service and continue to be dedicated to the industry,” concluded Mr Alderton.

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