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The launch of Sentricon AlwaysActive heralds a new era in the control and management of termites. 

There have been a number of termite control options launched over the last few years, but it would be fair to say they have all been variations on the same theme. Essentially, termite control systems fall into one of two groups, liquid chemical barriers or bait stations. While both options have proven popular, they both have their drawbacks.

Liquid chemicals, used to create a repellent or non-repellent barrier around the home, can be prone to developing gaps. A dog digging in the soil or adding a new garden bed can breach the barrier, leaving the house open for attack. This is an issue even the best pest manager cannot prevent.

Some chemical barriers only repel termites and do not actually eliminate the nest. Many homeowners are nervous at the prospect of hundreds of litres of chemical mix being poured around their home, especially where children or pets are present, and invasive drilling of slabs is often not a welcome option.

Bait stations are another option to homeowners that offer greater peace of mind to the environmentally conscious client. Baiting systems have the key advantages over chemical treatments in that they are not invasive to the homeowner and they actually eliminate the termite colony.

Current baiting systems involve the placement of stations around the house. When termites find the bait station, and after feeding has started, the bait matrix is introduced to the termites, which results in colony elimination. The key drawback with a bait system is that pest managers can only introduce the bait matrix to the station after termites are found consuming the wooden monitoring devices. In the worst-case scenario, a property could have several months of unobserved termite activity before control options are brought in.

The most common question from homeowners has always been, ‘why not just leave the bait in the station all the time?’ Now you can. The Sentricon AlwaysActive system from Dow AgroSciences uses stations placed around the home that contain the insecticide in the form of a high density Sentricon IG Termiticide Rod (pictured above). Once installed, Sentricon AlwaysActive will protect the home from day one, all day, every day.

Sentricon AlwaysActive, arrives after many years of research and development and offers the safety of a baiting system with the continuous protection of a chemical barrier effective from day one.

Joanne George, business manager for Sentricon at Dow AgroSciences said, “You’d think it was a simple fix, put the bait into the stations and leave it there for around the clock control. The reality has been much more difficult to achieve. Our scientists have had to develop an active termiticide that would not break down or become ineffective for a period of over five years. They also had to ensure that it would remain attractive and palatable for termites while at the same time posing zero risk to people, animals or the environment. It has taken almost a decade but the finished product exceeds expectations.”

Sentricon AlwaysActive will remain effective in the ground for over five years. In fact, the more gnarly the Sentricon IG Termiticide Rod becomes, the more attractive it is to termites. Studies have also shown that termites prefer Sentricon AlwaysActive to wood and therefore will feed on the stations in preference to other options.

For pest managers, Sentricon AlwaysActive offers a new control option that not only offers a compelling proposition for homeowners but a number of tangible advantages for pest managers too. The system offers immediate and effective protection. The ongoing monitoring provides a continuous revenue stream. The inspections are quick and easy, allowing for more inspections per day. It is simply a case of checking the station and replacing the Sentricon IG Termiticide Rod if more than 50% has been consumed.

Unlike other control options, there is no complex paperwork or administration involved to tie up you or your office staff.

A number of pest control companies have been involved in the local testing of Sentricon AlwaysActive and are enthusiastic to start offering it to their customers. Trevor Scott, a director of Murray Pest Control, has been trialling the product and reported that, “We trialled six properties. At two of the properties the termites disappeared, we couldn’t do anything about that. At the other four sites we had multiple termite colony eliminations. At one property we’re certain we eliminated three colonies at separate times over the course of two years. The technicians and myself that were working on this site were very impressed. They were excited!

“We can’t wait for Dow AgroSciences to get this product out into the marketplace. We want to offer it to our customers. It’s a more effective, more affordable product that we know our customers are going to be happy with.”

Vasili Tsoutouras from Allstate Pest Control in Adelaide, South Australia said that the inception of the Sentricon AlwaysActive system is, “The most exciting thing that I’ve been involved with. We’ve trialled other products outside of the Dow products, but this one has been the most impressive. I remember thinking wow, this is going to be a great product, consumers are going to love it, it’s exactly what a baiting system should be. We can’t wait to start selling it.”

Sentricon AlwaysActive is available from October 2015. For instructional videos, the technical manual and label, visit the Sentricon website.