John Ralph of Sherwood Chemicals explains why its business strategy serves the best interests of pest managers.

At Sherwood, our strategy is simple – we focus solely on listening to what professional pest managers want and then get to work with our team of in- house formulation chemists, chemical engineers and local staff to bring cost effective solutions to the market that deliver value. As a business, we believe that if we focus on delivering innovation and value, then the competition becomes irrelevant.

In the current business environment, as consumers we are all presented with a wide range of options to fill our needs. As a homeowner, we expect that the service provided by a pest manager will solve our problem in the most cost effective way by utilising the right tools. As a pest manager, you expect that the products you are supplied when used in accordance with the label will perform accordingly and that the quality of every product supplied is consistent and meets at a minimum standard with regards to its quality.

Quality control laboratory

At Sherwood we are so confident with our product quality that we provide  a money back guarantee – if any product formulation purchased does not meet these exacting standards, we will provide a 100% refund.

Each product supplied has a batch number and manufacturing date. If these details are supplied to Sherwood, an analytical report will be provided within 24 hours demonstrating the product meets specifications. This attention to quality and openness with our customers is one of the reasons why Sherwood has such a loyal following – pest managers know we will support them.

Each batch is tested and has a production date and number

But Sherwood’s focus on quality is not restricted to manufacturing. We carry out extensive efficacy testing during development to ensure we develop formulations that deliver on the performance claims.

Before Fipforce Aqua was registered in Australia. It was trialled in the laboratory and field under extremely challenging conditions in the tropics. In September 2016, Fipforce passed its seven year assessment with zero damage to wood recorded in all replications and concentrations, in independent termite field trials completed by the Royal Forestry Department in Thailand. The humid tropical conditions and termite species found in Thailand are perhaps the toughest conditions to test a termiticide – even tougher than Darwin (based on temperature / rainfall combination).

In addition, in Australian trials on a range of exotic and nuisance ants, Fipforce Aqua provided outstanding control over three months. Pest managers can have confidence that Sherwood products are built from the ground up, allowing us to provide our money back guarantee.

If you are interested in visiting our formulation facility in Thailand, then this November, the 2017 FAOPMA Pest Summit conference will be held in beautiful Chang Mai, Thailand. This is a great opportunity to combine an international conference with a visit to Sherwood’s state of the art formulation facility in Bangkok.

John Ralph, Sherwood Chemicals Australasia

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