The Australian Leadership Excellence Awards has recognised the efforts of Rapids Solutions’ CEO with a formal award.

Rapid Solutions CEO, Belinda Smith, was named as one of NSW’s top leaders at the Australian Leadership Excellence Awards held in September.

Ms Smith was named the Institute of Managers and Leaders State Winner (NSW), in recognition for her work at Rapid Solutions in developing a collaborative approach and a new strategic plan. The plan has helped to further the position of the Newcastle-based organisation within the insurance, technical training and pest management sector.

Ms Smith joined the group in early 2017 and immediately began work on a new strategic plan in collaboration with the 35-person Rapid Solutions team. The plan was implemented in April and provides customers, staff and other stakeholders with more accessible and agile approaches to the delivery of its insurance and technical training services and products.

Chairman of Rapid Solutions, Steve Garrett, said the award was testament to Ms Smith’s outstanding leadership qualities.

“Belinda has been instrumental in repositioning the company to meet increased customer demand while planning and implementing innovative ways to deliver services. The award particularly acknowledges her skills in working across the business, setting and implementing strategy, defining culture, decision making, ethical leadership and inclusion, networking, people mentoring and management,” Mr Garrett said.

Ms Smith said that the award honoured the work of the team. “The Rapid Solutions team has worked tirelessly to help set a strategy and then implement significant changes to the business to drive our competitive ability. They do this, keeping our customers at the centre of the process,” she said.

Rapid Solutions was established just over 25 years ago and provides tailored insurance solutions for the niche property services market, including pest management, building inspection, agricultural pest and weed control sectors in Australia and New Zealand. It also provides technical advice and industry-recognised training solutions for these sectors.