Bell Labs offers pest managers the opportunity to brush up on their rodent management skills with a range of training courses presented by the Bell team. 

Bell Laboratories – ‘The world Leader in rodent control technology’ – employ three specialist support staff here in Australia. Andy Knox is their Australasian business manager, based in Sydney, Ken Parry is their Brisbane-based technical support for Queensland and Sam Wood from Melbourne was employed last year to concentrate on the southern states.

Each of these staff members is highly trained with years of accumulated knowledge of rodents and their control. This knowledge is freely available to any pest control technician or pest control company.

Bell has developed an extensive range of specialist rodent control training programs covering most aspects of rodent control. General training is encompassed in their Full Rodent Pest Management Program, which can take between one and two and a half hours depending on what is required, and the staff in attendance. The team can also focus on specific training modules, such as Non-toxic Rodent Control Programs or the wheres, hows and whys of Choosing a Rodent Bait. One important training module that is often chosen is the Inspection Process for Rodent Contro”, both in commercial and domestic situations.

Training sessions like these have been available for some time, can be designed to meet your requirements and have been taken up by several industry leaders. Colin and Jodi Urey from Drop Dead Pest Control in Sydney (main picture, above) have Mr Knox do a presentation for their technicians and sales staff at least once per year.

“To be an expert in your field, you need access to quality training that gives you confidence and a professional edge to remain competitive in business. Andy from Bell has provided our team with a depth of knowledge about rodents and their habits and the best products to use in all situations. The training he has provided has been a great investment in our business, for which we are very grateful,” said Ms Urey.

Bell can be contacted directly to arrange rodent training for your business.

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