The winners of the 2015 Pest Manager of the Year Award talk about the benefits of gaining such recognition. 

Winning the Pest Manager of the Year Award means much more than just being the best among your peers, “It is also very good for business,” said Rowan Gregson of Pestec Pty Ltd, the winner of this year’s award.

“It was a great thrill to win the award, particularly given the high calibre of the pest management companies we were competing against. We were excited and keen to let everyone know of our achievement. So the first thing we did on the Monday morning after the conference was update our website home page with the announcement that we were winners of this year’s award.

“The following morning we were pleasantly surprised. We received a phone call from the asset manager of a large government organisation. He was looking to engage a suitably qualified and experienced professional pest management company to conduct inspection and eradication work on termites over a large number of sites.”

The asset manager had been searching the websites of various pest management organisations. Upon viewing the Pestec site, he was struck by the fact that Pestec were the 2015 Pest Manager of the Year. Pestec immediately became the obvious choice.

“Being the Pest Manager of the Year was the key point of differentiation between us and the other pest management businesses they were considering. We are now entering into a contract with the government organisation and have commenced work already on what will be a significant long- term piece of business for us.

“It just goes to show that there are tangible business benefits to winning the award. We would really encourage as many pest managers as possible to enter the competition next year.”

Mr Gregson also added that, “Full marks should also go to our industry association AEPMA, and to BASF for lifting the profile of our industry by promoting the award.”