A new homepage means an easier way to navigate Bayer’s website.

Bayer’s Environmental Science Division (ES) has just launched a new homepage on its website.

Martin Ball, general manager of the Environmental Science Division said “The decision to renew and re-invigorate the homepage on the ES website was made to improve our customer’s online experience and to create a more engaging and interesting space.

“ES Australia was chosen as the pilot country by Bayer’s global digital marketing team, and we’re very pleased with the result. This new-look homepage will now be rolled-out to all other ES countries around the world, so we’re delighted to be leading the way,” said Mr Ball.

“Visitors to our website can now enjoy a more modernised and user-friendly interface with a lot more information and choice available to them. They can watch videos of real-life customer situations; read case studies; search for a product on the new product finder or search for a solution using the new solution finder.

“Each product category (Turf Management, Pest Management, Premise, K-Obiol, Kordon and Amplify) is represented by a homepage ‘tile’ with a drop-down menu for quick and easy navigation, enabling customers to choose their path,” explained Mr Ball.

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