BASF has released a statement regarding the infringement of its patent copyright by Sherwood Chemicals.

Sherwood Chemicals is the manufacturer of Fipforce Aqua Termiticide and Insecticide, a product containing the active ingredient fipronil.

Recently, Sherwood promoted and sold Fipforce Aqua Termiticide and Insecticide on the basis that it may be used for ants. This claim constitutes an infringement of BASF’s Australian Patent Number 713703.

BASF Agro B.V. is solely and exclusively entitled to market products containing fipronil for the treatment of ants and cockroaches under Australian Patent Number 713703.

As per the announcement dated January 14, 2015, Fipforce Aqua must not be used for the treatment of ants in Australia. Sherwood Chemicals gives no recommendation or instruction to any person to use Fipforce Aqua for the treatment of ants and has withdrawn any instructions or inducements for the use of the product for that purpose, because such use will infringe BASF’s Australian Patent Number 713703.

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