Syngenta’s app, Altriset Assist, gives pest managers on-the-spot access to product information and usage tips for its popular Altriset termiticide.

Syngenta Australia has proudly announced its latest innovation, the Altriset Assist App, which was launched at the 2017 Rapid Solutions Conference.

The Altriset Assist App gives pest managers an excellent tool to assist in managing treatment records and calculations for Altriset termiticide, with the push of a few buttons on an Apple or Android phone or tablet. Whether you want to access the latest up to date label and SDS info, or if you are looking for a fully integrated tool to assist with calculating the amount of Altriset product required, then the Altriset Assist App will provide the service you need. Importantly, the app is free to download for both Apple and Android users from the App Store or Google Play respectively.

The app has been specifically designed for the Australian market and incorporates the applications requirements as listed on the Altriset label. Many pest managers have already downloaded the app and have recognised the benefit it provides in assisting them when conducting termite chemical treatments.

The Altriset Assist app gives information on different treatment types

Dale Hudson, business manager professional pest management for Australia and New Zealand, explained, “At Syngenta we are committed to the professional pest control industry and providing our customers with technology innovations that help them build a better business – hence funding the development of the Altriset Assist App made sense. This commitment once again shows Syngenta’s willingness to invest in Australia and New Zealand. In addition to the Altriset Assist App, Syngenta continues to invest in the professional pest management industry, as we invest over $2b annually in product research and development.”

Using the app, pest managers can input measurements for treatment areas across different application methods and record site-specific details. The Altriset Assist App allows you to email the treatment summary, which can then be saved for your records. All of this information resides only on your phone or tablet, for confidentiality.

Some of the key features:

  • Easy to use estimator that calculates the amount of Altriset and water required
  • Select from a range of application types and enter specific measurements that can be saved for use onsite later
  • Add notes to saved records such as building method, soil conditions and treatment zones
  • Scroll through Syngenta products, each with an easy link to label and SDS information
  • Save and share records as CSV files.

The Altriset Assist App is available for free download now.

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