The Altis reticulation systems allows termiticide treatments to be carried out easily and effectively over the course of a building’s lifespan.

The Altis reticulation system was invented in 1992, some 25 years ago, and is CodeMark compliant. Most reticulation systems consist of a pipe with punched holes and maybe a sock to assist with a distribution of termiticide into the soil. Most rely on high pressure.

Altis is a low pressure system and with its use of emitter technology, it provides a highly accurate and measurable result. The emitters are scientifically designed units, which individually deliver termiticides at the rate of 2.7 litres per hour.

Perimeter installation

Since the emitters are located 175mm apart it is an easy mathematical calculation to work out how much each metre of an Altis system delivers per hour when it is being charged e.g. 2.7 Litres/hr x 5.7 emitters/metre = 15.4 Litres/ hr. It will therefore take 15.8 minutes to achieve the required 5 Litres/lineal metre and this applies to the full length of the system, provided that the correct type of pump is used.

The particle size of termiticides is exceptionally important, more so when suspension concentrates are used. Punched holes have severe limitations whereas the Altis emitter is designed to create a cyclone type of effect, to push fluids out at a higher and accurately measured rate. Each emitter acts as a tap, a calibrated outlet versus the punched holes in other systems, which vary in size and because of this output is inconsistent.

Installation through thickened beam

The Altis emitter has been extensively trialled and the data collected proves that the emitters will deliver fluids with a particle size of 100 microns. All well manufactured termiticides have a maximum particle size of ten microns or less (a micron is one thousandth of a millimetre), so there is no chance of blockage or clogging up.

Altis is a flexible system able to treat large and small areas, full underslab (main picture above), internal perimeter of concrete slabs, subfloor areas and to external perimeters.

There are many benefits in choosing a reticulation system as a method of treatment in both pre-construction and post-construction situations. Once installed it does not require areas to be re-excavated to re-apply termite treatment, allowing the quick and accurate re-instatement of a chemical treated zone around the foundations of a property, making this very simple and cost effective to the client.

The Altis system is available to accredited users through all major distributors.

Grant Currie, Director, Altis

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