Adama is a name some pest managers may not be familiar with, but the product manufacturer is quietly establishing a range of professional pest control products in the Australian market. 

Adama is a leading global manufacturer and distributor of crop protection solutions, currently operating across 45 markets in more than 120 countries.

The company entered the Australian agricultural market in 2004, when it acquired Farmoz Pty Ltd, which actively sold brands such as Strike Out, Rodex and Optiforce into the PCO market.

Backed by leading US pest control company, Control Solutions, Adama is developing a strong portfolio of innovative and unique products for the Australian professional pest control market.

With a range of leading US brands including Taurus, Tekko Pro, Fuse, Stryker and Cyzmic, and supported by state of the art manufacturing facilities, Control Solutions is in a position to provide Adama Australia with a range of products set to be of great value to the local market.

Control Solutions (also owned by Adama) recently installed a microencapsulation insecticide production facility, which was purpose built for PCO product manufacturing. They are also developing a range of unique aerosol based products to better cater for global PCO markets.

Mixing vessels at the Pasadena plant

“Adama has established a Professional and Consumer business unit to focus on the pest, turf, forestry, industrial vegetation management and home garden markets,” said Peter Kirby, business unit national manager.

“We are excited about the product pipeline, as well as the technical support offered by Control Solutions, and believe we are well placed to offer an innovative and solutions-focussed PCO product portfolio to the Australian market.”

To support and develop the market, Adama has appointed Melissa Cameron who Mr Kirby said has an excellent understanding of the Australian pest control market.

“I am excited by the opportunity Adama has in the Australian pest control market,” said Ms Cameron.

“With current brands such as Warden, Rodex and Venom, we have the foundations for a strong business, and Adama’s global presence gives us access to a large range of PCO products from the USA, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Italy and Northern Europe, which will enable us to provide some great solutions for the Australian market.

“Adama currently sells a small range of pest control specific products for the PCO market. Launched in 2012, Adama’s Warden termiticide (100 g/L fipronil, suspension concentrate formulation) has provided excellent reliability and consistency in controlling termites. The product can be used to treat horizontal and vertical zones, for trenching as well as rodding and foaming and is available in 2.5L and 5L pack sizes.

Control Solutions plant Pasadena

“Another product within the Adama portfolio is the rodent bait, Rodex, which contains 0.05 g/kg brodifacoum to ensure a quick and efficient kill, as rodents will consume enough in one feeding to die. “Imported and manufactured by Adama owned Kollant in Italy, the extruded blocks have gnawing edges to encourage rodents to chew on the bait even if they are not hungry. “The blocks also hold up very well in high moisture environments and are palatable,” said Ms Cameron. Another product in the Adama range, Pestex Fumigation Tablets, is registered for the control of insect pests in wellsealed, empty warehouses, elevators, store structures, stored products, as well as for the control of rabbits in burrows.

“Pestex Tablets release phosphine gas when exposed to air. Phosphine penetrates throughout the area or stored commodity to kill eggs, larvae, pupae and adult stages of storage pests in sealed enclosures,” said Ms Cameron.

“With seven global product development centres and 19 manufacturing sites producing insecticides, herbicides, growth regulators, seed dressings and other non-crop products, Adama is spending millions of dollars on product development and has an incredible pipeline of new products developed for the pest industry coming online,” concluded Mr Kirby.

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