After being in the market for over 40 years, Talon XT Pro Rodenticide has stood the test of time.

Syngenta’s single-feed rodenticide Talon XT Pro is a rodenticide with a long history and proven track record. It remains a sound choice for pest managers looking for an economical rodenticide that requires less bait to achieve control compared to other alternatives.

Its active ingredient, brodifacoum, has been shown to be greatly more effective than the anticoagulant bromadiolone; based on LD50 toxicity results, Talon XT Pro is up to four times more effective than bromadiolone and requires 86% less active ingredient to achieve control of rats than difenacoum (Dubock and Kaukeinen, 1978). HACCP-certified Talon also kills rodents that are resistant to other anticoagulants, including warfarin and coumatetralyl.

Its potency established Talon as one of the more effective products on the market, and it remains an economical choice for pest managers. One feed is sufficient to kill rats and mice, which means most deaths occur within 4-7 days after the consumption of bait. This makes Talon suitable for both clean-out treatments and monitoring purposes.

In areas prone to rat and mouse infestation, one Talon block can be placed at intervals of up to 30 metres for monitoring purposes. This means that a single 10kg bucket of Talon (containing 500 blocks) can provide up to 15km of rodent monitoring. Fewer baits are required at each site, meaning less time spent refilling stations, reducing the overall cost of the job.

It comes in a palatable wax block that is moisture and weather resistant, reducing losses due to spoilage. The blocks are clean and simple to use, with a central hole allowing each block to be easily secured to indoor and outdoor baiting stations. The ready to use bait blocks are suitable for use in dry or damp situations in and around industrial, commercial, public services, agricultural and domestic buildings.