Agserv’s popular industry roadshow, Pestech, will be touring this winter from 23-27 July. Pestech 2018 presents an opportunity for pest managers to hear the latest developments in the industry, including new innovations, products and informative talks from esteemed industry professionals.

The Agserv team is proud to announce that termite specialist Scott Kleinschmidt will be the event’s special guest presenter.

Mr Kleinschmidt has been involved in all things termite related for over 34 years. After completing an Associate Degree in Applied Science in 1983, he continued his studies at the Timber Research section of the Queensland Department of Forestry. It was here that entomology research, particularly on termites, captured his imagination and he joined the entomology group in 1984.

Mr Kleinschmidt has worked on numerous termite-related research projects including the early baiting development work involving Sentricon and Exterra during the 1990s. In 2001 he became the technical lead for termites at Aventis, where he was responsible for research and development activities throughout Australia and the Asian region, focusing on getting products registered, providing and presenting technical information to the pest control industry, and identifying and developing new business opportunities.

After 13 years of working for multinationals, Mr Kleinschmidt started his own company, ATP Research (Australian Timber & Pest Research) in 2014. The company provides research and development services – managing field trials, developing existing and new products – to chemical manufacturing companies.

At Pestech 2018, he will be sharing his experiences of life on the road as a self-titled ‘termite nerd’, discussing his two main termite field trial sites in Townsville and Darwin – to which he drives from Brisbane at least every six months to install new trials and inspect existing ones.

With his extensive knowledge of product development and research background, Mr Kleinschmidt will make an insightful guest speaker for Pestech 2018 alongside other industry professionals soon to be announced.

Pest managers interested in attending Pestech 2018 can register by contacting their local Agserv branch or representative.

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